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“At any Time you Can Ring that Bell…”

Posted in Guerrilla Lifting on January 11, 2011 by oldcountrystrong

We wrapped our last push on the 4th Edition of CC last week. In the end I saw a number athletes looking just like Rocky in his first fight with Apollo.
“I just want to got the distance…”

I told my athletes I did not expect all of them to be able to take the 6 weeks of mental and physical strain. I told that if they wanted at anytime they could Ring the Bell and that’d be that. Very few did rang that bell, those that stuck it out came into the Hell Week just trying to go the distance. Proud of you guys.


Lets not forget a number of our Road Warriors this Cycle. Derek and Betsy Porter weren’t going to let lack of kettlebells, dirty looks from staff, or the fact that they were in Oregon keep them from getting shit done.

This Guerrilla Lifting submission comes from them as they kept up with their workload this Cycle.

Get Some…







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