“So You think You’re a BadAss, Huh…”

You squat, you press, you swing, you don’t move your legs on your chins. You drink whiskey without a chaser. Your neck barely fits in your shirts and you have forearms bigger then your friends’ biceps.
You think you’re a Badass…

Maybe you are, maybe you’re not. Clubber Lang was a BadAss, do you have what Clubber had? Maybe you do. But I guarantee when God made Bad Men, Vladamir Moseev was his first creation. If you don’t believe me, watch this for yourselves. Yes this whole video is in Russian, but the first 4 minutes will show you what a real badass is.

You still think you’re badass? You do all your kettlebell workouts with a 2 pood bell. Well Vlad does his snatches standing on broken glass. That make your feet hurt thinking about it, Nancy?

Posted by: Z

3 Responses to ““So You think You’re a BadAss, Huh…””

  1. ……. Fuck…Me…..

  2. In Russia glass breaks you.

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