“Are you Ready…”

The Old Country Bucket list got posted on Monday. But as it was brought to my attention only the mens weights were posted. And since I pride myself on making my girls into just as Mutants as the boys…

Old Country Strong Women

Squat 1.75x Bodyweight
200# Ground to Overhead
Bench Press 1.25x Bodyweight
100×3 Press
Secret Service Snatch Test 240+
Sub 8 minute 2K
Clean and Jerk 95# 30 times in sub 2 minutes
40 Dumbell rows right and left arm at 70 pounds
15 Chins

And how can a man or woman start down this path? By training to be hard. Training with Gravel in Your Guts. The 5th Edition of CC starts next week and here is a sneak peak of whats to come from an athlete that had to start early. If you’ve read the posts, here is a video of the misery being described.

Posted by: Z

11 Responses to ““Are you Ready…””

  1. Looks painfully awesome!

  2. Love the theme music. Roo, at the end of the video I was really expecting that you were going to kick Clubber Lang’s ass.

  3. Nice one!!!!!!!!

  4. Jumping Wallballs? Nice touch.
    Last year I prepped for the Sectionals in the garage throwing together random movements, developing my metcon and frantically trying to learn the major lifts and build some strength in them.

    I remember watching with envy profile videos on the games site of my competition training with sleds, bands, chains and other coveted gadgets. They always seemed one step ahead of me.

    This cycle won’t be easy but I know that I am lucky to be here.

    • oh sky… to get it to the 10 ft mark most girls have to jump 😉

    • but i definitely agree with you… i remember being a spectator watching everyone and wondering if i’d feel ready enough to do that and be in the top… this year, the past few cycles have been incredible, i’m faster and stronger than i’ve ever been… Z’s done a great job with programming and preparing all of his athletes and I can tell you that starting Monday although I think the toughest yet, and maybe it’s just mental, it’s great! If this doesn’t prepare us… i think that’s our own (or maybe our ancestors 😉 ) fault for having us crappy genes 😉

  5. The video gives me mixed feelings, excited, scared and the need to run the the bathroom. Looking forward to getting stinger mentally.
    @ sky I wish I had the option to not jump when doing wallballs but genetics made me 5’2” and 10 feet is a long way away for me:).

    • It’s kind of like how dry heaving during a wod. It MAY be great for the abs but that’s not why we do it. I get it.

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