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“So Say We All”

Posted in Articles on January 30, 2011 by oldcountrystrong

Difficult times lay ahead, trying times. Many in our gym are gearing up for the Crossfit Games Qualifiers. With that comes a grueling strength and conditioning cycle designed specifically to prepare them for competition events. But because of the time the Qualifiers would begin, the Cycle begins today, only 3 weeks after the end of the previous strength cycle. A major concern arose in this decision; Would there be enough time to properly recover not only the body but more importantly the mind? The dedication that goes into a strenuous training cycle is taxing. Keeping your nutrition in check, rehabbing your aches and bruises, getting enough sleep, keeping your intensity up but not some much to ignore form and injure yourself, and these are just the training concerns. This doesn’t include your job and other issues we all run into. Would we be ready?

The title of this post comes from Battlestar Galatica. In the show it is the end to a Kobol prayer. But it is more than that, it is a mantra used by the survivors, a rallying cry used to meet their adversity head on. That together as one we can overcome these obstacles. That is the reason I chose it (besides being a huge BSG fan), it is a reminder that while there are difficult times ahead, the first step to overcoming them is forcing yourself to believe that they can be overcome.

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