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“So You think You’re a BadAss, Huh…”

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You squat, you press, you swing, you don’t move your legs on your chins. You drink whiskey without a chaser. Your neck barely fits in your shirts and you have forearms bigger then your friends’ biceps.
You think you’re a Badass…

Maybe you are, maybe you’re not. Clubber Lang was a BadAss, do you have what Clubber had? Maybe you do. But I guarantee when God made Bad Men, Vladamir Moseev was his first creation. If you don’t believe me, watch this for yourselves. Yes this whole video is in Russian, but the first 4 minutes will show you what a real badass is.

You still think you’re badass? You do all your kettlebell workouts with a 2 pood bell. Well Vlad does his snatches standing on broken glass. That make your feet hurt thinking about it, Nancy?

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“At any Time you Can Ring that Bell…”

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We wrapped our last push on the 4th Edition of CC last week. In the end I saw a number athletes looking just like Rocky in his first fight with Apollo.
“I just want to got the distance…”

I told my athletes I did not expect all of them to be able to take the 6 weeks of mental and physical strain. I told that if they wanted at anytime they could Ring the Bell and that’d be that. Very few did rang that bell, those that stuck it out came into the Hell Week just trying to go the distance. Proud of you guys.


Lets not forget a number of our Road Warriors this Cycle. Derek and Betsy Porter weren’t going to let lack of kettlebells, dirty looks from staff, or the fact that they were in Oregon keep them from getting shit done.

This Guerrilla Lifting submission comes from them as they kept up with their workload this Cycle.

Get Some…







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“Get Off Me!!!”

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“The Hawks look less like Seattle’s white knights and more like the Old Miami Hurricanes,  modern day marauders. Definitely Old Country Strong.”

Nickay called Marshawn Lynch as Old Country Strong when we first picked him up. You can revisit the Article here “Beast Mode” or just watch this highlight from the Seahawks weekend playoff win.

Raw grown man strength, Get Some…

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“See that look in their eyes, Rock? You gotta get that look back…”

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This week we are wrapping up the 4th open Edition of our Caliber Cycle Strength Program. If your not familiar with the program, feel free to check it out in the About Section of the OCS Training Log. And just as we wrap this Cycle, the announcement for the 5th Edition went out this week.

This time, we are looking at our most aggressive turn around (Deloading Phase) ever. The next Cycle will begin on January 31st. That’s a little more then 3 weeks from now. This choice was made after the announcement by Crossfit dealing with their online sectional qualifiers. Having a number of Qualifying hopefuls in the gym, I made the decision to move up the start date for our 5th open installment.

Every time we start one of these cycles there is a meeting to explain what is expected of participating athletes. Every meeting I state what CC is, and every meeting it’s pretty much the same:
“Caliber Cycle is a Strength and Conditioning program designed for Strength Oriented Athletes and Competitive Crossfit.”

We’ve run four of these open Cycles now, three of which concluded with a competition. Our last cycle was not only the most strength biased cycle we have run to date, but also the largest. The scale topped out at around 50 individuals taking part in the 6 week Loading Phase. The Cycle has been a great success and left us at a bit of a crossroads.

Where do I gear the greatest focus in this next Cycle?

I now have just as many (if not more) Strength Oriented athletes in the program, while the number of those wishing to be Crossfit competitors stay high as well.

What to do? (What would Tyler do?)

This Cycle will be split into 2 Sub Divisions, Strength Athlete and Competition Athlete.

Both Divisions will follow the same work schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Rest Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Rest Sunday. Both Divisions will also be following the same key lifts for the Cycle: Squat & Deadlift.

The difference will be Mondays and Wednesdays. On Mondays, competition athletes will be throwing down on some gnarly technical or heavy workouts (maybe both), while our Strength athletes will continue to follow the heavy double kettlebell conditioning from this last cycle that has a circle in hell reserved for it.

Then we have the Wednesday workouts. Both groups will be deadlifting, but that’s where the similarities end. Competition athletes will be warming up with power cleans and cooling off with max effort gymnastics and rope climbing.
Strength athletes get something else to look forward to. In the words of Duke (Apollo’s former trainer) from Rocky Balboa…

“So, what we’ll be calling on is good ol’ fashion blunt force trauma. Horsepower. Heavy-duty, cast-iron, piledriving punches that will have to hurt so much they’ll rattle his ancestors. Every time you hit him with a shot, it’s gotta feel like he tried kissing the express train. Yeah! Let’s start building some hurtin’ bombs!”

That’s right ladies, we’re getting into some straight caveman shit. We’ll be getting into that farmboy type strength while we spend Wednesday working sledge hammers, axle bench press, the log, odd objects and the long forgotten weighted tactical pullup.

The number of in-gym participants is going to be limited this go around. But I am opening our program to outside participants. I’ve had athletes follow these programs from across the country all the way to outside of our border in Qatar (extra points if anyone can tell me where that is).

Anyone with questions can get a hold of me at And for the first time I will be opening our Training Log to outside gym members. The log will be getting a face lift soon with a Q&A section about the program and movements the appear in the program.

Pay attention to Old Country and its Training Log for information as it becomes available. Again, feel free to email me, comment here on Old Country or drop a line on the Training Log. If you’ve ever wondered how the Guerrillas trained, here’s your chance to try.

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“Come on Rock, lets get Get out of Here and go to the Old Gym…”

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Today’s Guerrilla Lifting submission comes from our Friend Mike “Dr.tri” Ross.

“My buddy Jordan is done with gyms, or boxes, or whatever you want to call them…
He bought a shipping container.
He rented some space in a storage lot down in Ballard.
He filled it up with random heavy things.

He went down to 4th Ave S. and got a couple different size tires for pulling, pushing, etc.
He invited me and Ty down there from time to time.
He lost 110lbs just beating the shit out of heavy stuff and dragging around heavy objects….” Get Some, Guerrilla Lifting…

Lets not forget our week 5 Caliber Cycle update. Lights at the end of the tunnel guys. To see what the CC group is up to check out the OCS Training Log.

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“There is no way that this winter is EVER going to end as long as this groundhog keeps seeing his shadow. I don’t see any other way out. He’s got to be stopped. And I have to stop him…”

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“It’s a new year and I’m going to start (insert something you’ll probably give up on or not even attempt in the first place)…”
Not to quote Tyler Durden again but, “Self improvement is masturbation.”

So instead of the countless things you could say you’ll start doing or not doing to better yourself or self image, try just that: Better yourself. My job deals with training. So in this new year that’s where my focus will be. What can I do to make myself better at my trade? And as usual, our friend John from GreySkull S&C and Strength Villain has some advice.

Eight Ways to Un-Fuck Your CrossFit Gym

This article may not have anything to do with your plan to drop some weight in the new year but it speaks volumes to me. John is very vocal in how important a Coach’s role is. Don’t let the title fool you, this isn’t a rant but a well thought out writeup on taking your Coaching and Gym to the level it should be at. My goal for the new year is to keep our program at a level that I personally, and any of you that train with me, can be proud of.

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