“Come on let’s get serious!!!”

There are many different purposes behind posts on this site. Some are meant to educate, some to inspire, some to congratulate, and occasionally to rant. But with a tough week of lifting almost over I decided to go with another approach, comedy because I know funny. And what better way than to examine which action star has the best (or possibly worse) hair.

In this corner we have the Muscles from Brussels, Jean Claude Van Damme (“JCVD”). While more known for wearing his pants too high in the beginning of his career than having long flowing locks, JCVD turned the table in the mid 90’s with his awe inspiring mullet. Whether it be a Cajun badass in Hard Target or time traveling badass in Timecop, JCVD greasy mullet makes it hard to turn away from the screen.

The challenger, acclaimed over actor Nicolas Cage. While a little more diverse in his acting accolades than JCVD, Nic Cage has made his fair share of action movies and his hair has been memorable in more than a few of them. Who can forget his portrayal of Jesus on steroids in Con Air, a Vegas magician who see into the future in Next, a hitman reconsidering his morales in Bangkok Dangerous, or whatever badass he is supposed to be in the soon to be released Drive Angry.





His hair is so legendary, it has been memorialized with music.

Who do you have in this hair throwdown?

Posted by Nickay

8 Responses to ““Come on let’s get serious!!!””

  1. I’m going to go with Travolta. From Grease to Pulp Fiction to Hairspray to that horrible movie he was just in (though didn’t see it). He’s had all kinds of hair styles.

    Or who says you need hair at all to kick ass? Bruce Willis… Samuel L Jackson?

  2. 8 seconds Says:

    Nicolas Cage…

  3. Between his hair, pants, spilts, or reoccuring themes through out all his movies, JVCD proves he is the winner here. ”

    “YOU killed/burned/crippled/destroyed MY ONLY brother/master/sister in law/friend/twin! We will settle this in the old way bare knuckle fight/kick boxing match/broken glass fist fight/ancient tournament fight/circle of car fight/desert fortress fight/russian prison fight/empty pool fight.

    I will train for this fight by doing the splits/kicking things/being forced into the splits/kicking things like trees/breaking bricks/grabbing fish/kicking things/doing the splits/ did I mention I kick things?”

    JVCD defined cool, in his own words…

    “Look I’m still kicking, I must be on Broadway.”

  4. JCVD’s mulletitus is pretty epic. It makes me throw up in my mouth a little…

  5. JCVD has a holy trinity of movies, Bloodsport, Kickboxer, and Lionheart (quick sign of the cross).

    I wonder what the Nic Cage trinity is, The Rock/Face Off/Gone in 60 Seconds?

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