“The Rat Pack”

Whose the man up in this piece? There isn’t one. The Club isn’t about one person. But who comes up with these crazy idea’s and schemes? It can’t just be one man behind the curtain like OZ can it? No.

In the Gorilla community a troop is run by a Silverback. One chest slappy, hay throwen, bad mother. Heavy is the head that lies the crown. So how does one deal? He builds pack to stand with him. If your familiar with Old Country then your familiar with Chest Slappen Guerillas. But at the head there isn’t one person. Theres a pack.

Gorilla Pit: What It Means to Be a Silverback

Posted By: Z

2 Responses to ““Regulators…””

  1. Gogo originally showed me that pic…. I told her then that I loved it.

  2. That picture is worth a 1000 words. Three best friends, thick as theives, innovators, and extremely old country, just to name a few.

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