“If you Can’t Squat to Johnny Cash you ain’t Shit…”

Sometimes going to something as simple as a Social D concert can remind  you why you work as hard as you do. Hearing  them sing “Ring of Fire” makes every thing right in the world.

What’s your favorite Cash Song…

Posted by: Z

13 Responses to ““If you Can’t Squat to Johnny Cash you ain’t Shit…””

  1. Michelle B Says:

    True Dat.

  2. Boy Named Sue. The original message of HTFU.

  3. Matt Brenton Says:

    ‘Hurt’- Cover of the Nine Inch Nails song

  4. paulisdrunk Says:

    One piece at a time
    When the man comes around… this version of it

  5. Folsom Prison, easy

  6. The Folsom Prison Blues from the Live at Folsom Prison album. I spent a lot of afternoons listening to that as a kid, staring at the sweat on Johnny’s face on that album cover.

  7. When I think Old School Cash I vote Cocaine Blues.

    My favorite Cash song to squat, workout, fight or just get into some reckless shit in general is…

  8. I have a few favorites, deal with it:

    1. Cocaine Blues (Folsom Prison version)
    2. Ain’t No Grave
    3. Sunday Morning Coming Down
    4. God’s Gonna Cut You Down

    American Fukin’ Badass

  9. 1. Walk the line
    2. Get rhythm
    3.gods gonna cut you down.
    4.Folsom prison blues
    Honestly it’s not fair to try to list them I’ve so many. He’s a legend, even in Canada.

  10. He is a legend, love his music.

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