“Them bulls don’t really wanna hurt ya, they just wanna buck ya off and get on with their business.”

I’m not quite sure what spurred the thought, but one day Z and I were talking and I asked him what other animal could be used as an Old Country mascot. He was speechless because of course there is nothing better than a Gorilla, I mean the club already has established Silverbacks  and there are constantly gorillas throwing hay on the platforms, so why wasn’t I content with just a Gorilla? To be honest I think I wanted something that wasn’t on every other strength site I came across so I was on a mission to find another animal that to me was Old Country Strong.

Ok so maybe the answer is obvious, and for those of you who know me probably saw this one coming, but it didn’t hit me until a couple of weeks ago when I was home alone on a Sunday night. The country girl comes out in me from time to time (hence the name 8 seconds) and I was watching PBR on Versus, and no Blake that doesn’t stand for Pabst Blue Ribbon, this girls PBR is the Professional Bull Riding circuit. So I’m watching bull rider after bull rider get bucked off and all of the sudden I switched my view from the cowboys getting bucked off to the beasts that were doing the bucking. That was is it, this was the beast I had been searching for. Okay Roo, get the point right? Sure you guys probably think I chose a Bull because I grew up rodeoing, although I do admit some bias feelings, let us take a look at the professional bucking bull wins my vote for the next Old Country Strong animal.

Ok I could bore you and go in to a bunch of physics, but I don’t think that is all necessary if you watched the video and look at these pictures. The most impressive part about these animals is that they are professional athletes and unlike human professional athletes or even their animal counterparts (rodeo horses, racing dogs, race horses etc…) bucking bulls don’t train hours on end. Once proven to be worthy of the title “Bucking Bull” when the bulls aren’t on the road competing they are kept out in the pastures of their owners ranch and stay in shape by roaming around and chasing cows. That’s it; these bulls are capable of such athletic feats and they don’t do much to be able to do so.

Just a Little Bit About the Sport

How is a bull scored? The bull is scored based on his performance and how difficult he is to ride. A judge will look for the combination of speed , power, drop in the front and kick in the back end (how vertical the bull can get), directions changed and body rolls (when a bull is in the air and he either kicks his hind feet or all four feet to the side).

How is a bull discovered? Genetics is huge in the world of bull riding so a lot of times the best bulls come from the best of the past. A bull must however prove himself as a young buck in the bucking shoots of his owner before giving the chance to move on to the arena. Typically taking place around 2 years of age the young bulls will be loaded into shoots with a contraption on their back that will release and fall off when the bull has bucked hard enough, if the bull even shows the desire to buck that is. This then teaches the bull that if they buck hard enough the nuisance on their back will shortly fall off. Once a bull has proven himself with this method he’ll usually have to prove himself with amateur riders that use these bulls in hopes to get themselves better for the big stage that they are aspiring to. If the bull makes the cut here he’ll typically move on to smaller rodeos and maybe even someday be a part of the Professional Bull Riding Circuit.

How Much Does a Professional Bull Make? A bull can make his contractor up to $4,000 per out (each time a bull is ridden). If a bull wins the coveted title of Bull of the Year the bull may win anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000.

Let’s take a closer look at one particular bull

Bushwacker: Current #1 Bull in the PBR


Weight: 1500lbs

Born: 2005

Buckoff Percent: 100%

Average Buckoff Time: 2.83 seconds

Overall, not that it’s up for debate my vote for something that is Old Country that isn’t a human or a gorilla is a professional bucking bull. Based purely on his athletic ability, a mix of strength, agility, power and speed I believe a bucking bull is hard to beat as far as something, I think we all would consider, as Old Country Strong.

Posted by: Roo

14 Responses to ““Them bulls don’t really wanna hurt ya, they just wanna buck ya off and get on with their business.””

  1. I second your nomination! While I was born and raised in Seattle I feel and believe I have a little county girl in me. In fact as I write this I am wearing my cowboyboots to work for casual Friday (I still feel dressed up out of gym clothes).
    My grandfather had a cattle ranch and I have a vivid memory of meeting the “BULL”. Very quietly my grandpa said ” why don’t you stay by me you never know what he’s going to do.”
    Bull are beasts with pure power and a rip and grip mentality.

  2. I vote we have a Gorilla ride a Bull and see what happens….

  3. A battle of Titans, I think a Gorilla pulls it out in the end via choke with hands, feet, arms, or legs…

    • Total win Via foot choke, fucking epic…

    • Just to clarify guys i did say that i knew the mascot wasn’t up for debate I knew the Gorilla was established… i was just thinking of other things that were Old Country besides some of the hay throwers at the gym and a Gorilla…

      Just part of my new Old Country Category I told Z i was going to start
      “Things that are Old Country: besides a gorilla or a guy” 😉

      Just saying the beast was amazing to me

      • I love Bulls, we have a kinship, my Mother always told me I was “like a Bull in a china shop.”

        Bulls are Old Country for sure. All they do is butt heads with other Bulls, get busy with cows, all while drooling and flinging snot all over.

  4. Ill leave the mascot debate you guys
    and the SPCA! However that was a cool
    inside look at the sport. Tanks Roo

  5. NoBullBodacious Says:

    ….well…you know my opinion on the matter. 🙂

    Nice post, Marissa.

  6. just sayin that i know a lot of people in the club would be in pretty darn good shape, probably olympic caliber athletes if they could be that strong, agile, powerful etc… by merely chasing around the opposite sex 😉

  7. Great post as it’s both fun and inspiring to associate ones self with another animal. Bulls and gorillas are powerful, chaotic and outright vicious when they have to be, just like we get when we put ourselves under the bar.

    Myself, I’m more of an incognito killer. I’d like to give a shout-out to the New Zealand kiwi. And as both the bull and gorilla laugh hysterically at the flightless, turd-esque body of the kiwi, they will have their eyeballs removed by the violent little ball of dooky. No mercy…

    And I call “Bull” $hit on the win by rear naked foot choke. 🙂

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