“You can Be my Wingman any Day…”

“At least I know half way in I’ll have finished my first marathon.”

That’s what my PAL Scotty said to me when he was getting ready for the White River 50 mile Ultra Marathon. Scotty is the Club’s go to guy for running advice. He’s currently out furthering his career with the USMC, so needless to say we miss the little fucker. Don’t let a sub 7 Helen, 28 rounds of Cindy, or the fact that he’s a level two Endurance Coach fool ya. Scotty is a guerilla. It’s why we get along so well, don’t believe me…

I can’t tell you how many times Scotty has gotten me to man up in my training. Scotty was the one that got me back on track for sectionals last year. We’ve sprinted hills and cried out “SPARTA” more times than I can remember on the prowler. He is one of the best training partners I’ve ever had, but more than anything Scotty is my Pal.

Posted by: Z

2 Responses to ““You can Be my Wingman any Day…””

  1. “Dont ever look back, don’t ever look back!”
    Sorry something about that song makes me want to sing. We miss you buddy.

  2. That sound track stands alone. Wow.

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