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“I didn’t come to Roll, I came to Bang!”

Posted in Athletes, Competition on February 27, 2011 by oldcountrystrong

This Sunday is a special night in the Filer family, its Oscar night. And to pass the time before the telecast, I decided to sit down have a glass of chocolate milk and watch the NFL combine. During this moment of sloth, Z called me to see if I had any ideas for a post. We both agreed on an inspirational post and I went back to my NFL fix. And of all a sudden they flashed from RBs to the bench press test. I smiled after watching what transpired and I told Z the post was getting changed because you know why…

“Sometimes the Universe provides, Z”

Stephen Paea is from Oregon State University and boy am I glad to see him no longer wrecking the Huskies offensive line. Stephen tore his menicsus in the Senior Bowl practices this year and he was not sure if he was going to come to the combine  and work out or wait his knee to heal and show his skills off at the OSU pro day. Stephen decided to not come and weigh in and do interviews, he decided to come kick ass and take names. While I don’t like to give Beavers too much credit too often, I got two words, GET SOME!

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