“There are no pacts between lions and men…”

The men and women of Old Country’s Strength Athlete Program have gravel in there guts. Six weeks, six weeks of their lives have been dedicated to one thing, to RED LINE.

I told them to come ready for one thing this Cycle, “Good ol’ fashion blunt force trauma…”

They don’t care about times. They don’t do it for glory or their name on a leader board. Pure power output. Push until you can’t push anymore then go past that. This is what they do day in and day out. And then they limp into Saturday Slobber Knocker workouts bloody but unbowed. These men and women are lions.

I had the honor to share a program with these Modern Day Vikings the last five and a half weeks. And as the programs split for the Crossfit Open I announce a arena for them to toe the line in.

This is the Old Country Combine…

The Combine will take place on Saturday, March 26th. The gym will be open at 10AM for warm up, and competition will begin promptly at 11AM. Events are as follows:

Event 1 – StrongMan/StrongLady KettleBell Ranks

Complete 24 kb jerks with right arm and 24 kb jerks with left arm in 4 minutes or less.*

Complete 24 kb cleans with right arm and 24 kb cleans with left arm in 4 minutes or less.*

*You are allowed only one hand switch in each 4 minute period The bell may not be set down or the set will be terminated.

The same weight kettlebell must be used on the jerk and the clean in order to achieve rank. Rank explanations are detailed below.

Failing to complete 24 reps of either movement on either arm will result in a failed attempt. Each athlete has 3 attempts to achieve the highest rank possible. You will be given time to rest between the jerk and clean test.

S-32 = 24+24 reps (Jerk & Clean) with 32kg/70#
S-36 = 24+24 reps (Jerk & Clean) with 36kg/79#
S-40 = 24+24 reps (Jerk & Clean) with 40kg/88#
S-44 = 24+24 reps (Jerk & Clean) with 44kg/97#
S-48 = 24+24 reps (Jerk & Clean) with 48kg/106#
S-20 = 24+24 reps (Jerk & Clean) with 20kg/44#
S-24 = 24+24 reps (Jerk & Clean) with 24kg/53#
S-28 = 24+24 reps (Jerk & Clean) with 28kg/62#
S-32 = 24+24 reps (Jerk & Clean) with 32kg/70#
S-36 = 24+24 reps (Jerk & Clean) with 36kg/79#

Event 2 – The OCS Squat Test

Perform Max Rep Squat (225#/135#)
5 minute cut-off, bar may not be racked, you are allowed one attempt at the squat test.

Event 3 – “Iron Tamer”

Establish a 3 Rep Max Axel Deadlift

Each athlete will be given 3 attempts to establish a 3RM.
The bar must be returned to the floor after each rep (i.e. no drops).

This is your time to bang, I’m proud of all of you…

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6 Responses to ““There are no pacts between lions and men…””

  1. The time is nearly upon us…..


  2. You guys are my fucking heroes.

  3. I can’t wait to see you guys throw down! RAWR!

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