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You’ve seen intensity in the gym. Some times your not sure if its an act or if someone could really be that intense. Barking, kicking, slapping traps, rubbing chalk, EVERYWHERE…

Then there is the self motivational talk. Tony Robbins convinced Diego Sanchez to scream “YES!!!” before matches and it worked for him for awhile. Well I was never one for the talking to myself, but one man changed that.


This is a title thrown on some gym rats. But we have one guy in our midst who embraces it and lives it. I’ve heard him call himself the foulest names and stare into peoples souls with a Viking like intensity that would make Mike Tyson think twice. Where does the hate come from and how does it stack up against other heavyweights?

Mark decide to submit this quiz to see if you could figure out who reigns supreme in the world of intense(or just plain bat shit crazy). Z

Slab or Sheen?

Earlier this week I was reading comments from Charlie Sheen.  My immediate thought was “wow, that sounds like something Slab would say.”  Later in the week I was reading a comment by Slab and had the thought of “Huh, that sounds like something Sheen would say.”  I am not suggesting they are the same person, only that they share a lot in common.  Consider the following. Both have awesome nicknames.  One is known as “Iceman” and the other is “The Machine.” One has a show called “Two and Half Men” and the other has the strength of two and half men.  One lives with porn stars, the other hosts an annual event called “Spankfest.” However, it’s the verbal weaponry that makes you think they could be out of one mind.  Slab and Sheen have the uncanny ability to cause your brain to do a double take.  When they speak, my reaction can be broken down into 3 different and distinct stages:

1.       Did he really just say that?

2.       You can’t really say that, can you?

3.       The fact that he actually said that is AWESOME

So, it’s time to play the game everyone loves “Slab or Sheen”.   The following 20 quotes can be credited to either Slab or Sheen.  Your job is to see how many you can get correct.  No cheating and surfing the web.  Honor code applies.

On Health

1.       I’m glad poontang is in the diet because I am a strict vagitarian

2.       I am on a drug. It’s called (Charlie Sheen/Slab). It’s not available. If you try it once, you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body

3.       (Muscle Milk/Cocaine) is the best tasting stuff out there, in my opinion, but I hear it’s made with bald eagle feathers and unicorn tears so it’s spendy as hell too.

On intensity

4.       The beef is fully caked, and I have the Unstoppable Force state of mind as a result

5.       I’m an F-18 bro

6.       I have one speed. I have one gear. Go.

7.       I will get all up in your ear hole

8.       It’s a war. And it’s on.

On mixing humans and animals

9.       I have tiger blood and Adonis DNA

10.   It’s called (Ultra Manimal Bag/Charlie Sheen), and it’s made from 100% pure charging rhino sweat.

On Violence

11.   I am fueled by anger and hate

12.   If you’re a part of my family, I will love you violently

13.   I have no idea where everyone finds their inner rage to get violent and (move weight/smoke crack) listening to some of the songs on this list.

Philosophy on Life

14.   On Anthropomorphic Earth, some of this stuff would be sung by bunnies wearing tutus and throwing flower bouquets

15.   I’m a peaceful man with bad intentions.

16.   Let’s hook up and just bring fiery death.

17.   Resentments are the rocket fuel that lives in the tip of my sabre.

18.   Duh, winning

19.   I guess I am just that bitchin’.

20.   No one judges me…except God, and even HE thinks I’m a badass

Answers will be posted at the end of the day.  Good luck.

Article by: Mark

Posted by: Z