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“I got no Place else to Go!!!”

Posted in Guerrilla Lifting on March 15, 2011 by oldcountrystrong

I’ve always said Old Country is a Open forum. I invite others to share with us their training and stories. Sometimes I don’t know who reads this thing. I see that a lot of people do but I have no idea who.

Then I received a email from a reader who let me know that Old Country ment something. Here are is a clip from what he sent me.

“The things I love to do the most in life are deep-sea diving, mountaineering and surfing. These are three activities where if you cannot keep your shit together physically and mentally its going to be a very bad day, and a bad day means dead or crippled. Physically, I train hard and have been doing a combo of crossfit, heavy lifting and austere training (lots and lots of pull-ups) to keep me hard. Mentally, I have to be flexible but defiant, I have to be ready to roll with whatever. For me OCS really exemplifies all of these things and I always look forward to the blog posts and always feel ready to lift after reading.

I do not have a regular group to train with here in the Olympia area. My local crossfit gyms simply have no times that jive with my work schedule. I have also found that telling a potential partner that, for example, the days workout might consist of flipping a giant tire a hundred times and then performing a heavy deadlift session sends them packing. So I train almost monastically, by myself, either in my garage gym at home or outside with whatever is at hand-in all weather. So for me, I look to OCS to be inspired by athletes who are harder and stronger than I am and have just the right attitude.”

I can’t tell you how jacked the email got me. I myself couldn’t find a Crossfit that fit what I was looking for when I started out. I took to working out by myself and when I could wrangle the original Barbell Club I had a crew to bang with.

The picture above is from OCS supporter Gordo getting his Guerrilla lift on during lunch. He tells me he has Kb’s and a medball stashed in his office and heads out back to get after shit when he has time at. From the look of Gordo and where he’s training he already has the makings of a modern day savage. Thanks for the email my friend, Get Some…

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