“Now, what are you gonna do?”

It’s that time of year again. Competition Season is upon us. And with the new Games format, last years Sectionals has been replaced with a 6 week Open. Info on the Open can be on the new fancy Games Site. You can also find a interesting article that our very own GogO submitted on there.

And how would it not be Competition Season if I didn’t post this…

Posted by: Z

One Response to ““Now, what are you gonna do?””

  1. I lucked into being able to watch a bunch of our athletes lay it on the line saturday morning. Fucking incredible. Hard to know where to start. Oh, now I know. Roo is like Charlie Sheen on Charlie Sheen. Holy shit girl, you have got an Iron Will.
    As a biology geek and active person I was awestruck to be able to witness up close truly physiologic humans performing at their limit. You don’t get to feel the heat and breathe the breath of players in the final four or the olympics. Of course we all work hard in our WODS, and you can be next to someone sticking it out there any day in our box (or be that person yourself) but this was truly another level.

    Next was the community. Shit, there were like 50 people with their parents and kids in there cheering people on. Little girls watching beautiful powerful women gritting their teeth and kicking the shit out of something.

    Then there was seeing (again) a man in his prime. Z made this place, starting from a carport and a couple of friends. To see him surrounded by his community, driving, judging and inspiring his beloved friends was just incredible. He was stalking those grounds, giving it everything for every competitor. In the depths of whatever they were in…he knows it, he knows you, and he’ll pull you up on the shore.

    Make sure you appreciate what you have.


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