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“We stand Against the tide and We don’t Move…”

Posted in Lifestyle on March 20, 2011 by oldcountrystrong

If your familiar with Old Country or the Filer brothers who run it for that fact, your know we love movies. In fact pretty much every article title on here is a movie quote.

My family LOVES movies.

Star Wars, TombStone, Top Gun we quote movies at our dinner table more than we talk at family gatherings. Some people find meaning in books or art. I find answers to a lot of my questions in life in movies. Yeah some people might think it’s silly but I’ve said it before…

“There are very few questions in life that can’t be answered by watching  Point Break.”

All cock mockery aside(Kill Bill), this is when the post gets a bit more serious. The title of this post isn’t exactly a movie quote. It’s based off one.

Based off one?

Yeah, that’s what I said, a saying based off a quote. It’s actually one that I put a lot of weight in. Like I said some people might find putting so much in movies silly. But I don’t. Some of my favorite times with my Old Man weren’t watching the Super Bowl or World Series. They were watching A Few Good Men for the 50th time(I can quote the shit out of that, and I’m pretty sure it’s why Nickays a lawyer).

Well this one isn’t from A Few Good Men, it’s actually from Gangs of New York. Not Leo’s best work, but Daniel Day-Lewis was flawless. His role as William Cutting(Bill The Butcher) was epic. He took the screen and you couldn’t take your eyes away. Yes, There Will Be Blood, and The Last of the Mohicans were amazing. Actually The last of the Mohicans is beyond amazing. I can be flicking through the channels half awake at night not really watching anything. I’ll  hear this song for a second and instantly recognize it and watch the whole movie.

Fucking EPIC… I hope you watched that whole clip cause it’s worth watching.

But anyways back to my original statement. Daniel Day-Lewis’s role as Bill The Butcher had a pivotal role in my life. People will tell you that Rudy’s story or Rocky changed their life some how. But for me, when Bill(Daniel Day Lewis) turns to Amsterdam(Leo) and says…

“Because that’s how you stand up against the rising of the tide.”

Something in me just clicked. I turn to that thought when ever life gets hard. I’ve even taken it and added to it making my own mantra. I’ve stood holding upset friends or gotten in a athletes face before and said this.

“We stand against the tide and we don’t move.”

I believe this more than anything. I grew up on the shores of West Seattle, my back yard was the Puget Sound. Every day I watched the tide come in and go out. I watched the tide flat I knew growing up change against the coming tide every day. I was still living there when I first saw Gangs of New York. I remember watching the tide one morning and thinking of that quote. And that’s when I promised myself I’d stand against the tide.

There are things in our life that our out of our control. They happen and we can’t stop them. But we do know they’ll happen, that’s life. The tide comes in and the tides goes out. It always threatens to wash everything away.

The real question is this.

Can you walk out into the water and stand?

The Tide will come in and it WILL go ba back out. You can’t stop it. But are you strong enough to stand against it and not move?

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