“They look like big, good, strong hands, don’t they…”

Well we’re two weeks into the Crossfit Games Open online competition. Two weeks down and one workout… One Workout? Yeah one damn workout. The unstoppable juggernaut that is the Crossfit Games(you’ve seen their Reebok commercials right?) hit a glitch. If you read this I’m sure your familiar with the Crossfit Games and the issues the site has been having. So I won’t bore you with that explanation.

I understand the concept. I understand what they are trying to do with this online competition. But what I don’t think they understand is what it’s doing to some of the people who love what is said to be “The sport of Fitness”.

My job is a Coach(and online Anarchist), and as a Coach I get very close with my athletes. Their success is my success, their failures are my failures. When they hurt I hurt. I told you guys in a post last week that I find comfort in movies. And I liken this whole situation to the problem in  The NeverEnding Story.

I try and hold on for you. I know its frustrating. I know how hard some of you have worked. I understand it feels like the little guys is getting the shaft on some of Crossfits choices dealing with the games. I Wish it wasn’t the case. I see some of your competitive fires being diminished by the whole thing it makes me feel like Rock Biter…

I’m your Coach. I feel like I have big strong hands. I always thought that’s what they were. But between athlete frustrations or complaining at the end of week one I was spent. I didn’t even care about Open WOD 1 when I first did it. I was like Rock Biter, I thought my hands were strong, but the Nothing was pulling my love of the sport away.

Lucky for me my brother had a Come to Jesus Talk with me about it. And I had another opportunity at WOD 1. But even with a better performance in the books I was still dealing with upset athletes and it was weighing very heavy on me.

You know what I decided?

Fuck It.

Thats right I said Fuck It.
To quote Fight Club – “You had to give it to him: he had a plan. And it started to make sense, in a Tyler sort of way. No fear. No distractions. The ability to let that which does not matter truly slide.”

It’s suppose to be fun. The day I lose the joy in what I do is the day I stop doing it honestly. So what did I do last Friday? I’ll tell you what I didn’t do…

I didn’t sit in front of a computer screen hitting refresh on some Online Competition page. No I took joy in my training and what I do. I felt like kicking back and just lifting cause it’s what I love to do. And you know what it was fun again.

Do what you love.

Video by: Roo (I thought the multiple adjustment shots were hilarious)
Posted by: Z

15 Responses to ““They look like big, good, strong hands, don’t they…””

  1. i found the adjustment shots quite funny myself 🙂

    Anyways, I’m guilty! i was really letting this thing get me down, i was happy with my first score and here everyone had a shot to better me… it was frustrating… i mean granted i had another shot to better myself, but it took the fun out of the game, it wasn’t a competition anymore and like some other i let it get me down… but then Friday I heard zach talking to Carrie about the wod and it hit me… it’s just another wod and ya know what i’m just going to have fun doing it, not quite sure how much “FUN” you can have in a ten minute amrap but that’s besides the point… we workout cause we love it, we lift because we love it, and when we get too wrapped up in scores and how we compare to everyone else we lose sight of that pretty easily… so saturday i was going to approach the wod completely different from the way i had the weekend prior and i was just going to do my best and have fun, because that is why i do it… so that’s what i did, i mean i even relaxed so much i peed myself 😉 but seriously i just went out and had fun, and you know what, my performance my not have been as cool as last time, but i got a better score… and it was all just because i remembered why i do what i do and why i allow zach to put me through so much misery and that’s because i love it and i have fun doing it

    we don’t put ourselves through all of this hard work, that takes a lot of time and dedication from everyone to beat ourselves down anymore when we dont hit a score we wanted to hit or a lift we wanted to nail, we put ourselves through it because we love it and it’s fun and that’s why we come back day after day and that’s definitely important to always keep in our view!!! 🙂

    • Don’t get me wrong though, I do take myself serious as a competitor and think giving less than my all in it is not acceptable to me and with as much time and effort zach has invested in me as his athlete I owe him my best as a competitor, but when I personally stress too much over a missed lift or bonking on a wod it ends up hindering my future performances because I forget the joy I find in it all

  2. We all have our own reasons for competing the way we do. We’re all going to do this differently. My approach will surely drive our coach to drink but I am what I am and in the end OCS will be represented to the best of my ability. I’m not interested in a moral victory. Victory will do.

  3. I will not die easily. I am a warrior!

  4. Baby Bear Says:

    Since I have to work all night and it gets lonely thought I might share some of my thoughts about this whole competition thing. I get little “crazed” working all night and discombotulated so probably wont be the most elegant put together thing ever.
    Anyways going into this I felt this was it do or die situation. What I had worked for the past year and a half was building for this moment. I was a wreck the night the first wod was announced and so uptight about everything. It was all I could think about. Somehow this had become everything. Going into that first wod I was so amped. Everything was riding on this one wod. It didnt go as great as I wanted and I had to deal with that.
    Since that first wod I have begun to realize a couple significant revelations. First off that this is not the end all be all. Z trains us to be powerful athletes. To be strong for the world. He does not throw amprap galore at us in order to train us for competition. No question we are different. Its hard to explain, but everyone whos reading this knows what I mean. As said in the latest post we train to be hard. We are a different animal. By doing this we should be able to do pretty damn well with anything that comes our way, including these workouts from the games.

    But we train to be strong that in itself is the ends it is not the means towards the ends of competing and doing well in this competition. To be honest this competition at least to this point seems to be more geared towards a single type of athlete and one type of strength. To be honest If I had to choose I would rather be exceptional at our pipehitters classic then these games. I place more value in the things we do there then what the games has us doing so far. If there was an end all be all in regards to competition I would say it is that before this stuff.
    Dont get me wrong Im not trying to rag on this competition because to be honest Im having fun with it and actually loving it. I love the weekly preperation I love Saturdays and most of all I love going to battle with the most corageous strong crazy mother fucking warrior vikings I know! All I gotta do is show up and lay it all on the line. I push let Z steer. Its that simple.

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