“I am not a warrior. Very soon, You Will Be…”

What is our message. Old Country and Caliber are a lot different than a lot of the forums and programs in our community.

We’re not really all that Crossfit, we’re certainly not a power lifting program, and we aren’t Oly lifters. When I get asked how Old Country athletes train, my answer is pretty simple.

“We train to be hard.”

It’s pretty simple in life and in your training. You can choose to be a Viking or you can be a Victim. Caliber Cycle is showing up in more and more States and Old Country isn’t going anywhere. Wear your colors with pride and support the movement, I choose to be a Viking.

New Old Country and Caliber Cycle shirts and tanks are available for pre-order.
See mock ups and order here. Design previews below.


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6 Responses to ““I am not a warrior. Very soon, You Will Be…””

  1. What kind of vikings are we striving to be like? Badass monster slaying vikings like in the 13th Warrior, badass dragon slaying vikings like in How to Train Your Dragon, or badass we are evil faceless monsters intent on pillaging the New World like in Pathfinder? I am just wondering.

  2. So another great story from yesterday’s snatch session.

    Tuesday. It’s power snatch 1RM day so I’m sportin the wild eyes and shaking like I was on a three week coffee bender. It’s angry time. Warm-ups go relatively undisturbed, with the occasional passer by trying to walk through my station and me politely asking them to go fuck themselves. That is until three hatchling meatheads wander over and start in on their “three inches from the mirror curls.” No mind, I continue to pace, shake and talk myself into a fury. That is until one of the larger meat-nuggets asks if he can get down on my weight. I honestly don’t care and admire someone for having the balls to ask get in on what is clearly a psychotic person’s station. I watch through the corner of my eye while lip syncing Static X. What I saw can only be compared to a new born horse trying to walk for the first time while standing in a foot of humus inside a bouncy toy. If I wasn’t so angry I might have been worried for the kid. After the first flopped attempt at a power clean, he performs some sort of knee assisted clean, and then throws the weight into a shaky looking, failed press. It was cute. Not like kitty or puppy cute, but very drunk baby cute. It was the kind of thing that gets anyone booted from the platform for attempting.

    Folks, as much as we all compare ourselves to each other, and we do cuz we’re all human, trust me when I say that anything done inside the Viking combine is worlds beyond what is happening at Globogym any day of the week. The smallest fish in our tiny pond is the great white in the big, weight lifting ocean.

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