“On this Team, We Fight for that inch…”

Relive or view the drama that was The Old Country Combine. For those of you that were there, post your favorite moment to comments….

Posted by: Z

10 Responses to ““On this Team, We Fight for that inch…””

  1. I’ve got more than one:
    –  Squat machines Laura and Nickay
    – Jules pulling her last squat out of the hole; didn’t look possible but she got it
    – Chelle’s kettlebell prowess
    – Matty hurling monster kettlebell around 
    – Big deadlifts by Chelle and Alli
    – Tim’s behemoth deadlift. HFS.
    – All the strength athletes doing rad shit

  2. Awesome work Roo.

    I had more than one and in no specific order.

    1. Alli hitting her last deadlift.
    2. Julie’s epic ending to her squat session.
    3. Chelle’s ease with the deadlift.
    4. Tim’s race to 50 reps at 225.

    I missed couple of the others, but thought that Laura, Michelle B. and Nickay all killed it on the squat.

    Overall, I thought it was an awesome event. It’s great to see everyone go out and work their ass off. Thanks Coach for making it happen.

  3. Thanks for putting this together Roo!

    This was a great event and everyone really brought their game. A couple highlights are:
    Tim’s 500lb deadlift
    Julie’s fight on the last two squats & everyone who got close or achieved the 50 reps
    Chelle pulling 250 like it was effortless
    Laura’s 5 min squat session
    The comp athletes and supporters who stuck around to cheer us on!

    Lastly, after I pulled 215 I wrote 225 on the board. Then Blake came up to me to tell me that wasn’t enough and convinced me to go up to 235. Well, it’s not easy for me to say this sometimes, but Yes, honey you were right.

    CC is just awesome!

    • Gonna have to say my favorite moment was when you pulled your 235! 🙂 got me all teary eyed as dumb as that may sound but it did 🙂 nice work girl!!!

      • Thanks girl! I wasn’t expecting to pull it 3 times and I REALLY wasn’t expecting the tears afterwards.

      • anytime! 🙂 eh it happens!!! that’s how i was when i hit my 300 finally

  4. Michelle B Says:

    1. Matty yelling like an animal at the top of his deadlifts
    2. Laura only stoppong her squats cuz she ran out of time, Woah!
    3. The last part of Julie’s squats were inspiring
    4. Chelle with her DL
    5. Zach’s socks
    6. John & Blake coaching & encouring me during my turn
    7. Nickay on the KB

  5. One highlight.

    Every one of the athletes who competed for grabbing a weight, moving it with reckless abandon, being void of self doubt and stepping away a champion. I love that shit. I’m jacked outta my mind just thinking about it.

    Oh, and beer.

  6. Destiny Says:

    Everything about the Combine was awesome, but a couple of things will stick in my mind:
    1: Julie fighting through her last two squats
    2: Tim’s deadlift
    3: Chelle’s deadlift (it didn’t even look hard!)
    4: Every guy with those big ol’ KBs
    5: Laura’s squats – as soon as Z posted the Combine, I thought, “I can’t wait to see Laura squat” and she didn’t disappoint

    Many more – I could go on and on. It was a great day.

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