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I can’t quit you…

Posted in Uncategorized on April 3, 2011 by Swole Patrol

Well it been roughly 6 weeks since I made by reflections on what and why OCS was so important to me. I headed off to resume grappling and MMA training while tossing in 2 days a week of strength and conditioning in the garage. What has happened in those six weeks is like a horror story of fail.

The first week of grappling wasn’t too bad, I was sucking wind and getting my ass handed to me by a couple of pro fighters but nothing I couldn’t handle.
Second week I twisted my repaired knee a little bit and tried to work through it which really didn’t help, after a visit to the Dr and a diagnosis of a sprained LCL I rested it a bit and returned to training. Almost immediately my other knee had something happen to it, I’m not sure what but the sumbitch hurt enough I almost went to the ER the first night, after that the pain was intense but only when I tried to squat. I tried to keep rolling and training but its pretty hard to do when I can’t bend one knee with any weight on it.
I tried ice and resting for about a week but it wasn’t getting a lot better so I pushed through and went back to rolling and stand up work.
Next came a week in Hawaii where I laid in the sun, drank beer and fruity drinks, and floated in the ocean. It must be something about the water over there, or the sun, or the beer, but when I got back my knee was feeling about 90%.

While I was laying in the sun bronzing myself for a week I had a lot of time to think…

I love this gym, this club, and all the people involved.