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“Life sure has a sick sense of humor, doesn’t it…”

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Can anyone tell me where today’s post title comes from? I turn to this movie a lot for inspiration.

That’s kind of the base of today’s post. Inspiration

I’ve been on this do what makes you happy kick lately. Life throws so many curve balls at us that sometimes it’s hard to see them. Some people find it simple to find those things. The list is endless of what makes some people happy. Your family, sports, maybe your best friend. Some people have it easy in that department.

I’ve been told by people (especially my brother) that I’m difficult. Finding those little things are hard for me sometimes. And I’ve been having a hard time lately myself.

What do I do? I turn to lifting. I’ve posted on using lifting to aid me in my personal battles more times then I can remember(this is a site about lifting, right). So again last Friday I needed my time with the bar. I was gonna let go and not think about anything.

But I wasn’t finding the motivation. My inner Viking was sleeping and I did what I always do. Got on youtube. I needed something to get me going. I turned to this video, it’s made it’s rounds on Iron sites so you may have seen it before….

It worked, after watching it I was all ready to lift.

But during my warmups something felt off. But I love to lift, this was my time to lift and I was gonna god damn do it. I didn’t want to think about the world. I wanted to lift.

Sometimes your body tries to tell your mind something and your mind doesnt want to listen.

I cleaned, heavier, I cleaned, heavier, I cleaned, Heavier. It’s the way I work. But I walked up to a heavy clean and I wasn’t thinking. My body was there it knew the drill.





But my mind was somewhere else. I let the bar drift away from me right before my pull. I continued. I knew it was to far away from me as I jumped. I continued. I knew as I pulled myself under the bar that everything was wrong but I didnt care cause this was my time to lift.

Three hundred and fifteen pounds doesn’t care if your having a shitty day, week, month, or year. It knows its heavy and it wants to be where it started back on the ground. I caught the bar to far out in front of me but thought I was gonna save the lift.

The weight had other plans.

My elbows came down as the usually do in a missed clean. But my left elbow found a stopping point on my leg. FUCK. My arm just got pinned. Ive never been pinned under a clean like that. I twisted. POP

Fuck, did I just break my wrist?

Long story short I didnt. But I have a nasty video of my hand trying to come off my body I’ll show you guys someday. I have a pretty knarly sprain but lucky for me it’s not broken.

It was one of those points in your life that 1/16th of a inch would have changed everything. I find it funny that I watched another Zach’s video earlier in the day who wasn’t as lucky.

I tell people part of lifting is being fearless. The human brain is not wired to jump under heavy shit. But there is a difference between being fearless and being reckless. I toe that line more often then not. I drive my brother and the rest of my family crazy. Pain comes and goes but doesn’t mean you should seek it out. Does that mean I wasn’t gonna jump back under the bar this week? No. And no Nicky I didnt pull heavy cleans. But I did get up more then once. I dusted myself off multiple times this week and kept at it.

“Life sure has a sick sense of humor, doesn’t it?”

Yeah it does.

But what do you do? A good friend told me “Chin down, hands up, keep moving forward.”

And I will.

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