“Everything in life Relates to Point Break and Squats…”

The title of last post came from Point Break. Come on guys I don’t know how you missed that.

Anyone who knows me has heard me say it. There isn’t much in life you cant learn from a Patrick Swayze movie. And the king of those movies is Point Break. And since you guys dropped the ball on the quote last Friday I’m opening the boards for you guys to make up for that.

“I’m just waiting on my set…”

“Dont you know who this is Roach?”

“No man I don’t know who this is!”

“This Johnny Utah, Ohio State Buckeyes…”

That’s right bitches, it’s a Point Break quote off day, lets get it on.


“Oh no no no my friend, I say when it’s over…”

Posted by: Z

12 Responses to ““Everything in life Relates to Point Break and Squats…””

  1. I’m winging this one so pardon my paraphrase:
    “People died man! You crossed the line. You got to go down. It’s got to be that way Bodie!”

  2. The little hand says it’s time to rock n roll.

  3. paulisdrunk Says:


  4. Matt Brenton Says:

    “Fear causes hesitation, and hesitation will cause your worst fears to come true.”

    And of course Gary Busey talking about eating rhino ass or some shit is pretty classic.

  5. I am

  6. “They only live to get radical.”

    I can relate…

  7. ricepaddielegs Says:

    it’s not tragic to die doin somethin you love

  8. “Vaya con Dios, Brah.”

    My boy Bode will be asked constantly if he was named after Swayze in this movie or the outlaw renegade skier, he’ll say yes.

  9. “What’s the matter with you guys? This was never about the money, this was about us against the system. That system that kills the human spirit. We stand for something. We are here to show those guys that are inching their way on the freeways in their metal coffins that the human spirit is still alive.”

  10. “You think your real cowboys, huh? Batman and Robin, huh?”

  11. “You can do what you want, and make up your own rules. Why be a servant to the law, when you can be it’s master?”

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