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“It’s the magic of risking everything for a dream that nobody sees but you…”

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“Anybody can lose one fight, anybody can lose once, you’ll come back from this you’ll be champion of the world. “

“There is magic in fighting battles beyond endurance”

If any of you guys have been to the Saturday Competition WODs you may have seen my rocking pink socks and a tank that says “Team BUGGIE.” Maybe you’ve thought to yourself, “What’s Team Buggie?” or “What’s up with the gettup Roo?” or some of you have even heard me talk about it, but what’s Team Buggie really about?

I’m not quite sure what it’s like growing up in the city but where I come from, a town/s of about 3000 pretty close knit people, you grew up knowing everyone. As a little girl I always had those girls that I looked up to playing sports, mainly basketball since I started playing year round in 3rd grade, but the high school girls were my idols, they were my heroes and I thought it was the coolest thing in the world when they’d help coach us, or they’d see you downtown and be like “Hey Roo.”

As I grew older the tide started to turn. My teammates and I started to become those girls that the little girls in Elementary and Middle School looked up to. We were those girls that would help coach the little ones during the summer, the girls that made a little girl’s face light up when we saw them off of the court and said hi.

I knew as a little girl how much I looked up to the high school girls and I knew that I was being given the opportunity to be a positive role model in some young girls lives. I let this drive me to do the best I could so I knew that I was making a positive difference in someone’s life.

As bad as it sounds we (my teammates) all sort of had our “favorites.” But there was always a special little girl, Krystyne. When you watched her even as a little tiny girl you knew someday she was going to be awesome! Going in to my senior year our basketball coach wanted to get even more kids into the high school program so we created a campaign around town with a little girl and a little boy in our varsity basketball jerseys aspiring to one day be varsity players, posters spread throughout town and throughout the schools and it was an awesome way to get the community involved while bringing together multiple generations. Who was that little girl? Krystyne.

(This was just one of the several pictures that were made. I love this one though because it has us older girls looking up to Krystyne and that’s really how I felt I looked up to these little ones, they were my inspiration)

Krystyne just celebrated her 15th birthday. I couldn’t even believe it when I realized she was in high school, I just still have this image of the little girl hanging from the hoop in my mind, and when I would go down and tutor her 5th grade classmates. “Krystyne is a fighter. She’s been living with epilepsy and Polycystic Kidney Disease for years. She plays sports and maintains a straight “A” report card. Nothing will defeat her. Her positive attitude will overcome—and she’ll be an inspiration to us all.”- Krystyne’s Mom. As if that weren’t enough for someone to have to fight through, in early March Krystyne was diagnosed with Intermediate Risk Hodgkin Disease (alymphoma cancer).

(Krystyne and her older sister, Virginia)

My heart just tore in two when I saw on her sister’s facebook that she had been diagnosed with cancer. I thought to myself, “this isn’t supposed to happen, this isn’t supposed to happens to such little girls.” Obviously we always think that when anything like this happens, but it just didn’t seem right. Anyways, Krystyne and her family have a positive outlook on life and they know Bugs will “Fight Like Girl” through this.

As soon as the Team Buggie webpage ( announced that “Team Buggie” gear was available I was ordering. A part of the proceeds from the Team Buggie gear go to helping out Krystyne and her family. Donations can also be made at

So why do I wear the gear for the competition wods? Krystyne is my inspiration, thinking of her helps push me. We all have our driving forces, I myself have a couple, but when I’m competing and I want to just slow down or give up I think of her and it drives me, if she is willing to fight for her life and battle like she has, I have no excuse to slow down. That second Open WOD I wanted to slow down so bad, I HATE pushups and I’m not very good at them and I could have used that as my excuse to not push through the pain but I kept thinking to myself “Krystyne wouldn’t give up, she wouldn’t give up.” Leading up to WOD 3 I was having a rough one, I didn’t want to do the WOD, I had a thousand reasons not too, a thousand excuses of why I wouldn’t do that good, and I just didn’t have the heart to do it and Zach sent me a text saying, “Roo, you’re wearing pink, do it for her.” I knew I had to, I had to compete I had to fight through it, because in all reality I love doing it I chose to compete I chose it and if I couldn’t let myself give up on something I chose, something I love, just cause I was having a “rough” day. Buggie didn’t ask for any of her circumstances she doesn’t love any of it but she’s willing to fight because that’s just her, she’s a fighter, and she’s a big driving force and something that helps keep me going even when I feel like the pain of a workout, a workout is unbearable… it’s a workout, it’s not my life and if she can fight so can I.

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