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“Get away from her you bitch!”

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Here at OCS, we love our strong ladies as the title of this post clearly indictates (and if you do not know which movie that is from come talk to me on Monday and bring your playbook). This is noticable not only by our Fem-Beasts accomplishments lifting iron but outside the gym. From inspirational posts here on OCS from the “Strong is Beautiful” series to lending help in the local area with the Barbell Girls program at Chief Sealth High School, the girls of OCS have been given a chance and shown their quality. With all they do and I have never done a pop culture post for them, and I think about this. Now this is about where Z would ask me what the fuck we are talking about and I say it is time to celebrate our OCS girls by celebrating the ladies from the movies who like our girls don’t take shit and kick ass . And without further ado, our inaugural OCS “Sarah Connor All Stars”.

Our first inductee and namesake for the group is Sarah Connor from the Terminator franchises. Sarah Connor as the mother of mankind’s hope, John Connor, goes from running for her life in “The Terminator” to in”T2: Judgment Day” pumping a shotgun with one hand. The description of Linda Hamilton in the second movie is “cut”. I mean look at her arms, she’s got a vein popping out of her biceps. Her shoulders are jacked too. The first time you see her in the second movie is doing pullups in her mental hospital room using her bed, that’s some prison shit there. Linda Hamilton worked out 6 days a week at leat 3 hours a day with a former Israeli commando to make sure that she just didn’t look strong but was able to do all the things that any T-1000 killing badass would be able to do. I would not screw with Sarah Connor.

Next strong lady of the cinema is Jordan O’Neill played by Demi Moore in GI Jane. We got burpee strict pullups, we got one armed pushups, and Demi Moore like Linda Hamilton before not only cut to ribbons but packing a good deal of muscle. Also she has enough savvy to break Viggo Mortensen’s nose, get her ass kicked, and still talk shit. A worthy second inductee.

Coming to us from Million Dollar Baby is Maggie Fitzgerald played by Hilary Swank. Again not only was Hilary in great shape in the movie but she stacked on the muscle. Hilary packed on 19 lbs of rip for the film by consuming 210g of protein a day, drinking flax oil, going through countless rounds of sparring, and real strength training (pull ups and pushing cars). And also like our other prior inductees and the woman at OCS, she can dish out the punishment. Just watch out for sucker punchs.

Next is a personal favorite of mine, Valeria played Sandahl Bergman in Conan the Barbarian.  I remember as a little kid watching the movie and being stunned by how bad ass Valeria was. Not only that, she bagged Conan and I mean that has to count for something.

These are but just a few of the many ladies who have helped to show that is okay to be strong and kick ass. If your favorite is not on the list than make your case in the comments.

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