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“Who’s Keyser Soze”

Posted in Athletes on April 21, 2011 by oldcountrystrong

There a lot of mythical things in this big strange world of ours, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, the Chupacabra, but the biggest oldwives tales in our gym revolve around one singular thing, La Familia Filer. Urban legends have grown rampant about as one man once put it “The royalty of West Seattle”.  Does Nickay really live on a dirt road in the middle of the hood with chickens and ducks roaming the area? Does Z actually use special shampoo for his beard? Did the Pickle Man story really happen or was that just Mama Filer’s short story submission for the local paper? Those are stories for another day, today we delve into the mystery of “Who is the third Filer brother.”

 Jaime “JJ” Filer is the eldest of the Filer boys.  A naturally talented athelete, Jaime excelled at numerous sports, from football to basketball to his current love of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. JJ parlayed his success on the football field at JFK High School to a college football career at Western Washington University and than University of Puget Sound as wide receiver. In between he found a way to win Hoop It Up and a Flag Football League. His influences on the gym can be felt all the time. Hate running sprints up a hill backwards? Blame Jaime Filer. Hate Z getting on your mechanics while sprinting up said hills? Blame Jaime Filer. Towel pullups, I go You go dips,  all Jaime Filer.

After playing some pro ball, JJ was lost trying to find something to take up his competitive juices but he found it in BJJ. Jaime walked into Foster Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school a little over 3 years and was hooked. He started to pour himself into the sport, reading all the books on the subject and training almost every day. His skills improved dramatically with his dedication and he cemented his place as the skinnest Filer maybe ever. This past year Jaime has been training his ass off for two things, 1. Pan Ams and 2. To reach Purple belt. To reach his goals, he only not trained constantly but started to teach more. At a local tournament to show his mettle, he went prison style and went at heavyweight to show that his Jits was sick.

Recently Jaime went to California for Pan Ams and took 5th place in the Open Weight Division at Blue Belt (an interesting fact, JJ seems better at rolling with big guys, wonder were he got that experience, hmm). I am glad to say that he will not repeat that distinction next as the picture below shows.

Congratulations Jaime, you earned it (this doesn’t mean though that you start doing leg locks on us though)

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