“Bring em Out, Bring em Out…”

Open WOD 6

7 Minute Amrap 3/3, 6/6, 9/9, 12/12, 15/15,18/18, 21/21, etc as high as you can go.
Thrusters and chest to bar pullups, as always Get Some…

Video by: Roo
Post by: Z

4 Responses to ““Bring em Out, Bring em Out…””

  1. I HRNTed all over the place.

  2. MamaFiler Says:

    WOW! This is a perfect ad for the benefits of crossfit training (and a great coach) You’d really have to search the web to find an example that could outclass the strength and efforts of the athletes displayed in this video. These video shorts are really awesome. I totally enjoy watching them and wish I was 25 years younger. Better make that 35.

  3. michaelf Says:

    True MamaFiler!
    I’m also with you on the younger thing (though I can not complain!!)

    To all who took part in the open, RESPECT!
    looked to me like everyone “Got Some….and some more”
    Awesome job on the video, excellent editing. Roo you should consider film school!
    ” Z !”

    • Thanks Michael 🙂 I’ve actually really considered film school… maybe someday… don’t really have a plan after the whole nanny thing so maybe i’ll take some classes and hopefully get back to trainin again

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