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“You tell your king that William Wallace will NOT be ruled… and nor will any Scot while I live.”

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One man stood for what he believed in and inspired.

Have you ever done that? Wait…

Lets change the train of thought on this. Have you ever witnessed it? Have you ever seen or heard something that drove you further then you thought you’d be able to go?

Do you ever think about those kind of things? I do. I think that Dan Gable lost his sister and from that loss he said he’d be the greatest wrestler in the world. And he was.

I remember being a child and watching Kerri Strug limp back out and take the hopes of a country on her back and win the Gold. I was so young I didn’t fully understand what I was watching but I knew it was very special.

People inspire each other every day. Yes sometimes they know they do. They stand against the tide in the public eye and say I will not move. Or they win a championship when no one thought they could. But then there are those that inspire and don’t know that they are. I know a hard-headed women that thought going all the way down was bad for her knees and wasnt going to squat like that. She took faith in me 2 years ago and just recently squatted 135 for 58 reps and could have kept going if she hadn’t had a 5 minute cutoff. She OWNED those 5 minutes of her life thats INSPIRING. And she may not know it but it truly is.

Growing up I remember wishing I could do that for people. I was never the greatest athlete but I always put my whole heart into what I was doing. Its how I train and how I try to train those around me. If you pour your heart into something THAT’S inspiring.

I’ve drawn on other people’s strength to find my own in my life.

Drawing on someone elses strength gives you strength and in return gives others strength. I had my shoulder come out of the socket twice in competition last year but I REFUSED to give up. It’s just not in me to roll over.

But I learned this from watching others overcome their own personal battles. This whole post came from an exchange between me and my friend John on our Training Log the other day.

We were talking about Matthias Steiner.

If you’re not familiar with Matthias story your really missing out on something special. Matthias is an Olympic Weight Lifter. The fire that sport demands is high. And Matthias had that fire. But he was never the best. He was one of the best but never THE best.

But a time came in that mans life that would shatter most. His wife was in a tragic car accident. And on her death-bed he PROMISED her that he would become a German citizen AND win theOlympic Games.

Steiner went to the 2008 Beijing Olympics with a promise on his lips. And in the face of all that had happened Steiner was presented the opportunity to keep his promise. Looking at a 10 kilo increase on his finally attempt and a HUGE pr Matthias knew what he had to do.

Coach Burgner addressed this topic while talking about mind-set at a clinic of his I attended. He said, “Steiner was ready to die on that platform for the memory of his wife…”

Truly inspiring.

Everyone has had an event or person that’s helped shape or inspire them. Today I’m asking you to share that with everyone.

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