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“Me and Jenny goes together like peas and carrots”

Posted in Athletes on May 5, 2011 by oldcountrystrong

As the first leg of the Crossfit Open has come to a close, the OCBC has sent two individuals to regionals. Carrie and Roo battled through 6 weeks of workouts and are ready for the next level of competition. These two have been working out more and more often recently, becoming even closer friends and dare I say a 2 woman wolfpack. They have inspired us as the Dynamic Duo of the gym. In fact I have them as the #8 duo of all time. What? You think they should be higher? Who could be rank better than these two ladies?

Here is the top ten

10. Bert and Ernie

These guys are still working strong after 40 years but they fall to Carrie and Roo. While Bert and Roo can both get kinda perturbed at times, Carrie’s steely determination helps push them past Ernie’s fascination with his rubber duckie.

9. Peanut Butter and Jelly

An old classic standby but it’s refusal to change with the time is holding it back.

8. Carrie and Roo (or is it Roo and Carrie)

7. Tango and Cash

Very similar to Roo and Carrie actually, one is all class with an accent which rears it’s head in the heat of the moment and the other is a dirtbag.

6. Pinky and the  Brain

They had the priorities in order.

5. The New Age Outlaws

One of the best tag teams of all time, were able to pull victory from the jaws of defeat all the time.

4. Sam and Frodo

Samwise the Brave and Frodo saved Middle Earth while living off Lembas bread, dodging Nazghul, and dealing with Gollum. Good enough for a high ranking but not enough to make the medal stand.

3. Crockett and Tubbs

The TV show and the movie rocked and showed us how cool Miami was and is.

2. Han and Chewie

You cannot go wrong with the combination of a scruffy scoundrel and a wookie prone to tearing off your arms if he loses.

1. Batman and Robin

Nuff said.

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