“Nic at Nite”

There are some athletes that can’t help but catch your eye.

Nicole is one of those athletes. From the first couple times she was in the gym, you could really tell she had some amazing natural strength. But she didn’t carry herself like a hotshot, she didn’t have a big mouth or too much swagger (she did rock flannel in workouts though). Nicole has a quiet elegance about her that compliments her strength.

If you were lucky enough to get her to talk about things going on in her life, you’d find out how interesting she really is. She’d talk about her job as a waitress, and her boyfriend that she had traveled to France with, and her brother (who I saw pull a almost 2.5x BW deadlift) who worked with canines in the military.

Nicole is more than a competitor, she’s a fighter. She was always amazing to watch in workouts and had as beastly a deadlift as her brother. Nicole took everything in the gym head on. Even the greatest competitors need help sometimes. And that’s what this post is about: Reaching out and supporting our friend Nicole in her battle against breast cancer.

Please show your support for Nicole by spreading the word, purchasing tickets and attending the Nic at Nite Fundraiser on the 23rd of May.  Click on the promotional flyer below and check it out.

Upon hearing the news of the Nic at Nite event Crossfit West Seattle has decided to take all proceeds from its participation in this weekend’s Annual West Seattle Garage Sale and donate them to our friend Nicole.

Crossfit West Seattle will be holding the Garage Sale from 9am-3pm Saturday, May 14, 2011. If you have any items you’d like to donate to the Sale, please email eric@crossfitws.com.

We’ll keep everyone posted if any other events for Nicole are planned in the near future. Thank you all for your support.

Post by: Z 

3 Responses to ““Nic at Nite””

  1. Free Clinic Says:

    Nicole IS a fighter! May 23rd booked. I miss my friend very much in our gym…

    Thank you for posting Z.

  2. Nicole rocks!

    Cancer sucks!

  3. Glad you posted this and good on the gym for donating the garage sale proceeds.
    I can make the May 23 benefit; if anyone wants to join let me know.

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