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“I see Three of Him… Hit the One in the Middle. Yeah HIT the One int he Middle!!!”

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In 1985 Rocky Balboa went to Russia to fight Ivan Drago.

He was doing this for the memory of his friend, mentor, and coach, Apollo Creed. He was doing this for no money and on Christmas mind you.

Well my stories different. I’m not going to Russia for a lost friend. I’m not gonna be there on Chirstmas and I’m not fighting for “No Money”. But I am going to Russia.

Awhile back after a application process I was excepted to the IKSFA Elite KettleBell Camp in St. Petersburg, Russia. Well Tuesday I actually leave for this trip. I will get to get back in touch with my roots and see the home of where Kettlebelling started. Kettlebelling is a huge part of my life but I’m not very versed in original GS or Girevoy Sport, it differs in style to the way I was originally taught. Coach(the inspiration behind this pilgrimage) was actually on today speaking about KettleBell Sport.

It’s exciting to go and refine my  technique  like Coach was talking about in the video. It’ll also be good to see Coach for a couple days while he also is in Russia. But as I mentioned this is a way to get back to my roots. My family has a fair amount of Russian in it. My Grand Mother was actually one of 23 kids. Half the family stayed back in Russia when they came to America. My Great Granpa spoke little english but what he did was simply “Ol’ Bullshit,” which he would say to my Pap when they played cards.

I’ve always been very interested in Russia. Even from a young age. I liked Ivan Drago, no I didn’t root against Rocky but I didn’t hate Drago as a kid. Who was my character when I played Street Fighter? Zangief  that’s who. The Red Cyclone Son!

Joking aside, I have always been drawn to Russian culture. It is in my blood and so is the Iron Game. If I could take 3 months off and just be a real DirtBag lifter I’d move to Russia. I’d kettlebell and and lift every day. I’d find some grungy gym and have some old coach yell at me while we tried to get past the language barrier. I can’t do that though. To many responsibilities. But I can attend this Camp. I can better myself as a Coach first and second an athlete. I’m very excited.

When I told my Ma that I would be taking this trip she thought it was a bit crazy. But when I stopped by to say hi one day she told me she had something for me to see. She produced a piece of paper from a “report” on Russia I did as a child. It was extremely short and written in crayon.

It simply said.

“Russia is very Cold. Russia is Infested with Bears.”

Guess I’ll find out if I was right, maybe someday I’ll take a nonworking vacation.

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