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“Make you strong like bull”

Posted in Articles on May 17, 2011 by oldcountrystrong

Imagine that line being said in a thick Russian accent by a guy named Sergei wearing a black jumpsuit to Z, wait another second, and Scene. Missing you brother. Moving on, this quote has a place in the gym because bulls are strong with a huge yoke which is something I believe 9 out of 10 people following OCS want. And what exemplifies strength and a massive yoke? Pressing shit over your head.

Some may argue that this article is a little biased based off my inherent love of all things presses and you may be right but it doesn’t mean I am wrong. The earliest strength competitions were based off two simple premises, (1) picking heavy shit up and (2) putting heavy shit over your head. Ask a strength and conditioning coach what he would rather have his atheletes be able to do, bench 315 or press 225? Who you want in a fight, the guy with the six pack or the guy who looks like he spent all day breaking rocks with an Atlas sized yoke?   

Does Derek Poundstone worry about his doubleunders? Maybe but he rather be able to do this.

Strongmen aren’t the ones with a big press, Olympic Gold Medalists have sick presses too (this strict press is effortless at 150kgs, I’m in awe)

I love Mikhail, see the previous OCS post for more on him.

Now go lift something heavy.

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