A little known fact about me is I like hockey. I got into hockey my sophmore year of college. I was too poor to get cable but was luckily Western Washington is near the Canadian border. By placing my TV in a certain part of the room I was able to get the Vancouver BC channels. Besides international news and Nelly Furtado interviews guess what was on TV all the time, the NHL.  And in particular one team, the Canucks.

Well I got hooked that year. A few years later when I went to Minnesota for law school my liking got bumped up. Minnesota loves hockey, they love their Gophers and Bulldogs and Huskies, they love their Wild, but high school hockey is unreal. The MN high school championship is the most watched HS sporting event in the nation, drawing more than the FL and TX football championships. But I was an outcast because I rooted for my first love the Canucks.

Well the Canucks are now 2-0 and on the cusp of returning to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time since 1994. And how they did they get there?

Even better was the Wednesday 7-3 win. They got under the Sharks skin to the point the Sharks were pulling a patented “Jaime and B-Mac where losing might as well fight everyone” collapse. Kevin Bieksa even got a “Gordie Howe Hat Trick” which is scoring a goal, assisting on a goal, and getting into one of these…

Don’t drop your gloves with Bieksa and don’t fuck with the Canucks.

Posted by Nickay

3 Responses to ““I’M LISTENING TO THE F*#KING SONG!””

  1. What did you give for those guys, a used puck bag?

  2. That game was awesome!!!

    I thought I was the only one watching…..

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