“The One the Only…”

Remembering Ricky Bruch

Icon and beloved  by the Club. Please post your favorite Ricky Bruch moment, quote or video to comments.


Posted by: Z

5 Responses to ““The One the Only…””

  1. Z posted the video above many moons ago when the gym had just opened. You can tell Ricky was a man who loved a nice sweater and didn’t care what you thought about it. He also loved his vitamins, weird.

    I do seem to remember hitting a press PR while screaming “IT’S LIIIIIGHT”. Ah the good ol’ days.

  2. While his power clurls are awesome my favorite moment is when he is doing dumbbell leg raises and hits the light afterwards. Classic.

  3. Not sure who this dude is, but he looks like the guy that drank a quart of motor oil before taking on Lincoln Hawk in Over the Top

  4. Ricky was a discus machine. Anyone who’s ever spinned knows that he was the master of both form and strength. I remember hearing about him in 8th grade, and throwing farther because “that’s what Ricky’d do”.

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