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“Drums… Drums in the Deep…”

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The Dust at the Puyallup Rodeo rink where this year’s Crossfit Games Northwest Regional qualifier has still yet to settle. But the wear and tear from the weekend left on the competitors and those that came to watch them has already set in. Sore bodies and hoarse voices (and a few hungover minds) try to recover.

I happen to be suffering from all 3 of these, as well as a case of hamburger hands.

So I haven’t yet had the chance to sit down and really do the full weekend justice in a write up. I’m hoping to have that article for you guys on Monday. I will say that there wasn’t a single athlete of mine that didn’t fill my heart with pride as a Coach over the course of the event.

With the close to Iron Club‘s Crossfit Games competition season. Some competitors heave a heavy sigh of relief and prepare for an off season full of beers, barbecues, and squats. Others stare at lifting shoes untied with ears turned toward the window listening. Listening for Drums.

Drums in the Deep…

The Drums sound for one thing: a call to arms. A reason to get back under the bar to train. A reason to ignore torn hands and sore backs. The Club only holds it once a year, and it’s that time again.

The Second Annual PipeHitters Classic

It’s a simple jail house rule. Viking or Victim. You wanna be Top Dawg? Your first day in the yard you walk up to the biggest guys and take the title. That’s how it is at PipeHitters, on August 13th you get that chance. You wanna run the yard?

One day, Four Events, No Second Chances

If you’re looking for a traditional Crossfit competition, this isn’t it. Forget however you were just training for the Games season. Caliber Cycle 7th Edition starts Monday and if you’re looking to King Kong PipeHitters this year, I suggest you get ready to bang for 6 more weeks.

The question is, who’s ready? Who’s coming to take down the Top Dawgs this year? Who’s ready to…

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