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“When a barbarian feels thrist, it is a thrist for blood”

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At 7:45 in the middle of a concert I received a text from Z asking to put a post up. No big deal, I mean I would just watch the rest of the concert, drive home from downtown, and write a post. As I sat there listening to the music I pondered what to write about. And like that I remembered a conversation me and Z had earlier that day concerning Conan and this rambling post about that heated discussion followed.

It started off with me and Z talking about Games of Thrones (awesome TV show, even more awesome books (yes I do love being able to plug reading on OCS)). Anyway one of the characters is Khal Drogo played by Jason Momoa and he is a bad dude (this clip is not for the faint of heart).

Fatality. Jason Momoa besides being a badass in one mythical fantasy world (Westeros) is also the new Conan and this is where the story picks up. Z stated he was kinda disappointed that he discovered that Conan was Middle Eastern. I stated that to be hog wash and demanded his reasoning. His reasoning Jason Momoa is not white, he watched the new show Spartacus and that there were two people from Conan’s tribe and they looked Middle Eastern and that he had also seen a Bully Beatdown where the Bully had stated he was from the same land as the Barbarian and he looked Middle Eastern. I continue to give Z a puzzled look when I decided I had to destroy his world.

“Z, Conan is from Cimmeria, it’s a made up land in a made up world. Robert Howard drew his inspiration from real life civilizations but it is not real”

“No Nickay, its real, these guys are Sumerian”

“Wait, are they Sumerian because thats different than Cimmerian”

“How so?”

“Well Sumerians lived in the Mesopotamian valley and were Middle Eastern, Cimmerians are descended from Atlanteans (yes Atlantis dwellers) and live on the Thurian Continent which again does not exist”

“No we have to look this up”

This needed to be solved and where else would one look, Wikipedia. Fortunately good ole Wikipedia proved me right to an extent, Cimmeria is a mythical place based off the real Cimmerians but they lived in Russia/Urkaine, not the Middle East. Awesome, I love being mostly right which is almost as awesome the new Conan trailer

Get some, I smell an OCIC movie night.

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