“A Game of Inches…”

Here it is folks, Day 1…

Video by: Roo
Posted by: Z

7 Responses to ““A Game of Inches…””

  1. It says it in the video but again I wanted to thank Steve for putting so much time into videoing for me and a big thanks to destiny as well! It really meant a lot so thank you!

    • Destiny Says:

      As usual, great job with the video, Roo!

      Steve worked day 1 on his own because I couldn’t come down, so this one is all him.

      Awesome job, everyone!

  2. Thank you so much!

  3. You never fail to impress the shit out of me

  4. We finished #1 in the Region with this wod and set some sort of landspeed record in the process. We were interviewed afterword and I spouted off some arrogant sounding stuff about it “being a good warm-up.” -What a tool.

    Here’s what I wish I had said-

    Our training doesn’t have a lot of HSPU or a lot of rowing. I’ve never even done Diane. We do a lot of pulling though and we push things like it’s our goddamn job so rowing and HSPU wods are right in our wheel house.

  5. Amazing Roo! Thank you Steve and Destiny!

  6. BuddhaHead Steve Says:

    It was a privilege to watch & film you guyz, & when you posted the blazing time in the 1st team wod, it was hard not to feel a little ( oh hell a huge amount) of pride to think I work in the same box… plus you 5 girls re-define the term, Sexy Beast…. ( I know Destiny is wincing, another slightly in appropriate public comment from her Dad, oh well, she’s use to it…)

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