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“But I don’t have My lifting Shoes…”

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Why do you think I Blew up your Condo…

This blog was originally only really viewed by those who followed the Iron Club’s training program. I know that has changed now, but I can still use it to get a message across to those that train with me. Everyone else buckle up and hang on for the ride.

You’re not Your Fucking Khakis…

Why am I quoting Fight Club again?
Shit Zach only quotes Fight Club whens he’s pissed about something…
Your Damn Right I am.

Come on guys, what is one of the number one things we talk about in Training Cycle meetings?
Harden. The. Fuck. Up.
There are certian things I try to get across to you guys and this is one of them. Training isn’t easy. If it was then everyone would do it. No one would ice, or try and get to bed early, or eat clean, or even stretch before they lifted. We’d all just warm up on the elliptical, sit on the bench, and talk on our damn phone.

But No. That’s not us. We Train Hard. We Train Heavy. We’re weightlifters.

And somewhere in my quest to make you guys better weightlifters we’ve lost a bit of the hardening process. It’s my fault really, I must be getting soft.

I suggest weight lifting shoes, belts, certian bars or bells, hell even certain music to make you guys better lifters.

Yes. Those things will aid you in your search to become a better lifter but damnit thats not what makes you a weightlifter.

Did any of you walk into the gym the first day with lifting shoes?

“Don’t have my lifts, guess I can’t squat today…”

How many of you knew how to properly use a belt?

“Forgot MY belt, can’t use that one, guess I won’t deadlift today…”

How often did you really stand in front of a stereo blasting Metallic to get pumped up?

“Can’t kettlebell today cause I don’t have my ipod…”

I didn’t own any womens bars when I trained people out of my carport. Its not the end of the world if there aren’t any availble.

Just Let GO…

Yes these things help but they dont make you a lifter. Just like owning a harley doesn’t justify you as a badass.

YES. I say this things help.
YES. I say don’t plan on training with me if your not serious enough to invest in equipment.
YES. I’m the one who gets on your case about not having these things.

But if you find yourself without them on any given day does that mean you cant train? NO.

Harden. The. Fuck. UP.
How many of you in here moved big weight in tennis shoes? Or no shoes at all? How many of you have had your ipod die right before the BIG lift? How many times have some of you kettlebelled in your living room with kids running around?

Training won’t always be perfect. I try and make it that way for you guys, but sometimes its just not. Roll with the punches, move weight.

Because the days gonna come when your in another gym and someones gonna call bullshit on your bodweight 50 rep max.

What are you gonna do?
Explain to them that it’s your rest day and you dont have your lifts or music you like to listen to? That they dont have the rack or bar you like so you’ll just post a video on their facebook when you go back to your own gym and do it?
You train with the Iron Club.
You’ll Harden The Fuck Up and move weight.
Dont let “The things you own end up owning you…”

Let’s not have this talk again.

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