“It’s not 2004 anymore”

Time for the Monday post, want to write about? Wonder what is on the ole tv, World Cup? USA v. Brazil? Hope Solo? The universe provides.

Hope Solo if you didn’t know is not only the best goalkeeper in the world but a Washington girl. She grew up in Richland, WA and kicked ass at the UW. She’s a scoundrel, she’s hot, she’s a badass, and she ain’t afraid to speak her mind;  all of which have caused her problems in the past. In 2007 she was pulled as the goalkeeper for the semi final matchup with Brazil in the World Cup for the more experienced Brianna Scurry, a match the US ended losing 4-0. Well Hope went out and called out poor Brianna with today’s post title. Well she got suspended for the rest of the Cup but was she wrong? Hope in 2008 blanked Brazil in the Gold Medal Match of the Olympics, hmm but that is not the World Cup. Haters are going to hate.

Today Hope and the US got their World Cup rematch with  Brazil. We had horrible officiating, Hope Solo getting a yellow card for jawing at the ref, and one of the greatest finishs in recent sports history. I could try to explain it better but just watch.

After watching this again I have only two more things to say…

1. I believe in Hope Solo and


Posted by: Nickay

8 Responses to ““It’s not 2004 anymore””

  1. Yep Hope Solo killed it. And she didn’t move off the line on that 1st pk. Terrible call. Abby Wambach is also a huge beast, especially in the air.

    Marta’s in-play goal was world class–nearly impossible ball to save. But the Americans are bigger and stronger, and they played harder.

    Tri-Cities, get some.

  2. U

  3. I never expected to see a post about soccer on ocs so it’s pretty sweet that there is. This game in particular is a prime example of how htfu applies to life. Despite the bad officiating & dramatics of the opponents (excuses), they came back to tie it up in the 121st mintute mind you, and then to win. Playing 90 minutes is hard enough, but then to get to over time and the mind fuck of pk’s is beyond exhausting. These women are talented, strong and definitely bad ass! USA!!!

  4. I love these alternative sports, soccer, hockey, ladder-ball, America kicks ass in them all!

  5. 3 Things

    1. Ive loved girls soccer since shirtless celebrations started in my youth.
    2. That header was sick
    3. Oh and… I believe in Hope Solo

  6. michaelf Says:

    That was possibly the best game ever at world Cup level, men or women!
    Don’t forget that the US played the majority of the second half and all OT with 10!
    “Completely Brilliant” what a team of some of the best athletes in the world they totally HTFU and did what had to be done in a beautiful way and were humble.

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