“Donny Shankle counted to infinity… Twice.”

Donny Shankle threw a knife into heaven…

Post your favorite Donny Shankle Fact to Comment.

Posted by: Z

7 Responses to ““Donny Shankle counted to infinity… Twice.””

  1. They once made Donny Shankle toilet paper but it was discontinued becuase it wouldn’t take shit from anybody.

  2. It is common knowlege that Donny Shankle makes love like an eagle falling out of the sky. Not to mention the fact that he killed his senai in a duel and he never said why.

  3. The Heat from Donny Shankle’s Rage is the cause of global warming.

  4. Donny Shankle found Waldo and Carmen San Diego.

  5. Donny Shankle is what Willis is talking about

  6. Donny Shankle is who let the dogs out, got a problem with that?

  7. Donny Shankle CAN touch MC Hammer

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