“I cannot Lift this… Grow Stronger.”

This is the theme of all Old Country Iron 101 seminars I hold, were I detail how to incorporate Iron Club techniques into training. This weekend I will be holding my first Iron 101 over the border dealing with Iron Club style Kettlebelling.

Our friends at Pure Athletics in Vancouver will be our hosts. Below is a little write up that can be found on their site. Keep posted to Old Country Strong for future Iron 101’s including an upcoming seminar dealing with the Iron Club Style of Squatting August 6th.

Zach has years of both Kettlebell and Barbell knowledge as well expericnce on the Crossfit Kettlebell certification staff with Jeff Martone. Zach traveled to St.Petersburg Russia to attend the 5 day Elite training camp and Kettlebell Sport Coaching certification under living legends Sergey Rudnev, Sergey Rachinskiy, and Sergey Mishin. Zach blends the Russian traditional GS style of kettlebelling with the style found in the States. The result is a style which he applies in his program and offers in his Iron 101 seminars.

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