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“I’ll take a Side of Bacon and Gravy…”

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Old Country spent this last weekend over the border. Part of the crew went up to Vancouver, Canada to Pure Athletics for one of our Iron 101 seminars. We spent Saturday showing 20 plus people the Iron Club style of Kettlebelling. Teaching people new styles of lifting is always fun. But honestly the best part of Iron Club road trips are the shenagins that always ensue.

So, lets dicuss what you may not know but I learned in Canada, About Canada…

In Canada referring to “How we do it down in North America” is the best way to describe the States.

Sending Blake to the bar is alway entertaining.
“I’ll have 4 Jack Daniels.”
“We’re all out of Jack Daniels.”
“Uh so what do you have?”
“Canadian Rum.”
“What? Is that made from Maple Syrup or Somethen?”
No Bullshit….

They serve EVERYTHING with bacon and gravy in Canada. Including something called poutine. The Canadanians will laugh and tell you to order it. Poutine is pretty much a bowl of fries filled with cheese and Gravy. On further discussion we decided it’s really just something they use to bait traps for drunk Americans.

In Canada the local “hardcore shot” is a Grenade. Two shot glasses are stacked in the rim of a glass. One glass is the “pin,” you pull the pin the other glass drops you shoot the pin then slam the other glass. It was pretty sweet. It was so sweet we had 2 and decide to introduce our Canadian friends to our local hardcore shot; Norweign Sailors, those went over huge.

A “Road Soda’ in Canada is actually called a “Road Pop” and ridding a motor cycle is “Motor biking.”

If you think I’m exaggerating these guys are Canadian…

Oh and I don’t know if you know this but Lululemon is huge in Canada…

Thanks for having us guys it was a lot of fun can’t wait to do it again.

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