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“I’m getting too old for this shit”

Posted in Athletes, Lifestyle on July 19, 2011 by oldcountrystrong

The calendar flips and yet again we fall upon July 20. A couple things happened on July 20, man first walked on the moon (USA!), my grandfather’s B-17 was shot down and he was taken prisoner in WWII, and one Zachary Thomas Filer was born. And with Z’s birthday we come to a treasured tradition in the gym, the birthday workout.

If you think the birthday workout is a fun workout, well you would be right in bizarro world. The birthday workout has only one thing on it’s mind, pain. Sure the birthday workout usually caters to the strengths or likes of the particular birthday boy or girl, but that is about it. We say that it is to honor the recently aged person, but really this is an opportunity to punish them. How many workouts for fun or performance include drinking beer in it? Answer, not many. And it is time for Z’s yearly punishment.

But should I have all the fun in creating this workout? No, that would be rude.

I have always considered myself a man of the people. So as a man of the people, I implore you, the people, to submit your suggestions for the components of Z’s birthday workout. Please limit your response to 3 exercises. All suggestions will be reviewed and from the madness a glorious workout will be born. If you want to see the throwdown, be at the gym at 6:30PM. Hopefully we will get some video this year.

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