During our Iron 101 in Canada last weekend, we held a couple of demos during the break. Marissa (you all know her as Roo) was set to demo the long cycle for everyone. Roo will be participating in a IKFF kettlebell competition in September. We originally planned on having her enter the 35# KB division.

But after reviewing the numbers, a thought popped in my head. I started knocking around the idea of having Roo enter the 44# division and try and obtain her CMS(Canidate of Master of Sport) Rank. I told Roo the night before when we were at the bar that she would be doing the demo with the 44. This was Roos first attempt with this weight with the goal of 30 aside. She will need 45 aside in September to achieve rank. Dave from Pure Athletics post this video of the attempt. It was pretty awesome.

Get Some…

Posted by: Z

8 Responses to ““BAMF…””

  1. You ROCK ROO!!

  2. Sick work Roo! You’ll crush in September for sure…

  3. Michelle B Says:

    I am proud of Roo for her kick butt performance and Zach for his professional encouraging verbal coaching during. ; ) Nice work.

  4. Holy powerhouse. I don’t think 45 reps will be a problem — she made this look easy.

  5. Roo is my hero.

  6. Excuse me. I just hrnted in my pants.

  7. Thanks guys!!! 🙂 and thanks Z for posting this!

    Haha carrie u crack me up!

  8. Thats an amazing performance Roo!! Very Inspiring. I am glad I stopped by this blog today and saw it.

    I am trying to get in touch with Jason. I don’t know his last name. He is in the CC program last I heard. Previously I mostly swaw him Saturdays. Can someone pass a msg to him and ask him to contact me? He has to use my email (johnson.rows@gmail.com) I will be in Long Beach most of the coming week and won’t have reliable cel service. Thanks!

    Thank you again Roo for letting the video be published here.


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