“If you want the Ultimate, you’ve Got to be Willing to pay the Ultimate Price….”

Does this song make you feel sexy, you might be a DirtBag lifter….

Have you tried to REALLY apply yourself to what you love? Did you get a less then stellar grade on the last test? Are you actually a DirtBag lifter?

Let’s find out….

DirtBag Lifter. Phase 2 Test

1. You shave…

A) Your Legs everyday
B) Your Armpits once a week
C) Your Beard Once every couple months

2. You never walk around the gym without…

A) Your Vibrums
B) Your Chuck T’s
C) You walk Barefoot into the BathRoom

3. If you only had 1200 in you Bank Account you’d spend 800 dollars on…

A) Louis Vuitton Shoes
B) A Down payment on a Pendalay bar
C) 200 Dollar weekend in Portland, 200 Dollar flight to Vegas, 100 Dollar Marriage in Vegas, 100 Dollar Bus ride home, 100 Dollar Bus trip back to Vegas, 99 Dollar Vegas divorce, 1 Dollar Mcdonalds Coffeee, Hitch Hike home…

4. If you arrive at the gym without your workout Clothes…

A) You go home to get more
B) You borrow some spandexs from a friend
C)You search the lost and found for clothes, you then find a shirt smell it, seems good. Then you find some underwear(“Supportive wear”) behind the lockers, don’t smell them, but use them because they are dry.

5. You Watch Jersey Shore….

A) Never
B) Whenever you see it on your TV
C) Whenever your at your friends house because you don’t own a TV

6. Your friends tell you…

A) How great you are
B) To stop talking about lifting
C) Your a dick because your ALWAYS right

7. When you go to a bar…

A) You order a martini
B) You order TouchDowns
C) You order 20 Rum and Cokes… Scratch that make it 18 Rum and Cokes and 2 Vodka Sodas

8. You go to work…

A) On time every day
B) After a long night
C) In the same clothes from the night before

9. You know the lines to…

A) That shitty Titanic Song
B) Point Break
C) Every Jean Claude Van Damn move… Ever made

10. Sundays are for…

A) Brunches
B) Walks with your dog on the beach
C) Getting drinks with your friends while working on posts….

If you answered mostly…

A’s – Your on the wrong site yet again
B’s – Your totally on the path to being a DirtBag lifter, just keep working at it
C’s – You’ve arrived, you should squat double bodyweight and bust light bulbs with your animal magnetism when you walk down the hall.

Get Some…

posted by: Z

7 Responses to ““If you want the Ultimate, you’ve Got to be Willing to pay the Ultimate Price….””

  1. paulisdrunk Says:

    “My sexual power blows the fuckin light bulbs out, sexier?! I don’t think that’s possible”… the first person to tell me who in this gym said that I’ll buy the beers

  2. paulisdrunk Says:

    Why yes it is no one else wants free drinks on me

    • Haha well according to zach people actually tried to google that statement to figure it out 😉

      In a conversation regarding being sexier (may or may not have had to do with eyebrows) zach replied to your fiancé with “My sexual power blows the fuckin light bulbs out, sexier?! I don’t think that’s possible” and then I think he followed it up with something abt how he’d have to fend off all of the ladies on the street 😉

  3. paulisdrunk Says:

    Ding ding ding! We got a winner!

  4. Q1: that’s ridiculous. How about “do your grooming accessories include a lawn mower, weed whacker and hedge trimmer?”

    Q3: I’m an equipment whore. I’d spend all 12 C-notes on gear…

    Q4: Done that. Still have your green, ambiguously gay gym shorts, Z.

    Q6: Answer is D, you’ve got a problem…

    Q7: The jukebox automatically plays “I WANNA ROCK!!”

    Q9: I know the lines to nothing because I kill those brain cells over the weekend.

    I am FDA approved, 100% USDA Meathead. While in my presence, beware sudden pose-downs, vulgar metaphors and instant fury.

  5. Hey Kids…..

    Anyone going to the Seahawks Game on Sat???

    I’m heading down for the tilt…….

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