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“What’s up dude, I killed you”

Posted in Athletes on August 2, 2011 by oldcountrystrong

It is time to give respect to a person who is not only a great athlete but a great business person and who is influential in the shaping the minds of tomorrow’s youth as a teacher. Ashleigh Moe? Not enough Y chromosone.  Rich Franklin? Not enough attitude. A man who is not only changing the sports world, but also the business world, and even the world world.  A man of many names, “The People’s Champion”, “The Shelby Sensation”, “The Reverse Apache Master”, “The Man with the Golden Dick”, “Doctor Cock and Balls”, “La Flama Blanca”, and “The Bulletproof Tiger”. The man, the myth, the legend, Kenneth Powers.

Even though Kenny was blessed with a lighting bolt for an arm, he has had to work hard to achieve his success on the field. He has managed to drag himself from out of baseball entirely to being one of the premiere stars of the Mexican beisbol league.

Kenny has a keen eye for fashion, look at the tips he dispenses here.

Finally, Kenny Powers is an innovator. Some people are content staying in their area of expertise, especially when they are making dump trucks of money but not Kenny Powers. He is becoming that transcedent athlete, like Jordan or the Rock. Just look at the evidence.

I believe in Kenny Powers.

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