“You find out Life’s this Game of Inches…”

This clip is a Old Country pre competition tradition. This Saturday SODO Crossfit will be the venue for the 2011 PipeHitters Classic. If this speech doesn’t make you want to unleash unspeakable acts of Hooliganism this weekend then you might be in the wrong competition…

First Heat kicks off at 9:30, are you ready?

Posted by: Z

7 Responses to ““You find out Life’s this Game of Inches…””

  1. I give you something else to get you pumped up. Johnny Be Good suffers from a few fatal flaws (primarily that Anthony Michael Hall is supposed to be the best HS football player in the country when I would pick him last in sandlot game) but watch the first 2:15 of the movie here, this gives me a mean on.

  2. Omg….I love where he smashes the glass water jug with his fist. Awesome.

  3. Don’t drop me, I’m worth a million dollars

  4. how about some good old fashion

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