“But that is a Story for Another Time…”

The 2011 PipeHitters Classic went down this weekend. Weight was carried, thrown over head and held in the rack. Tears were shed, very little blood was spilled, and two NEW Champions were crowned. But with all the running around today returning equipment and what not I was left with little time to do it justice in a writeup.

The full writeups coming but until then post your favorite moments from the weekend…

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20 Responses to ““But that is a Story for Another Time…””

  1. Johnny tossing the zercher weight like it was a little baby.

  2. Julie losing the KB behind her in the 9-15-21 and refusing to let go- nearly removing her arm from her body. What a Soldier.

  3. Skyler trying a split rack jerk for the first time and hitting a PR. “We’ll do it live!”

  4. My top 5:

    5. Wes’ front mounted shoulder to overhead.
    4. Seeing Michelle OWN the KB jerks. I’ve never seen anything like that…
    3. Lexii showing up and giving 110%
    2. Martha’s 215 jerk.
    1. Seeing everyone cheer on everyone. What an awesome event and community!

  5. – Matty and Jay smoking the KB jerk work out.
    -Emily’s killer squats.
    – Martha’s overhead PR’s and making it look effortless. AWESOME!!!

  6. southwellj Says:

    Martha – Amazing overhead.

    Lexi – All heart. I was her judge. For the 21 round, she cranked out 15ish and dropped. Picked up that bell, did 9ish and dropped. Picked up the bell and pushed out 2 and dropped. Picked it up again with 30 seconds to go and did another 2. That kid didn’t give up for a second. Total gut check.

    • Absolutely, Jim. Total gut check.
      So damn proud of my girl, Lexii !!!
      She kept her composure like a champ.
      She had only performed many of these movements the week or two before PHC.
      She listened & logged & practiced what she learned in the short time she had, and executed them extremely well.
      But it was the mental stamina she showed in each event (but especially the KB jerks!) that was most impressive.

  7. Can’t pick one favorite so here go my top:

    *Jamie dumping after 1 squat in the finals, she gets the bar back up and busts out all of the rest of her squats unbroken!
    *i may or may not get a little too emotionally involved in her lifts but watching carrie nail 165
    *martha’s 215! That shiz was sick!!!
    *Rachel’s 205 and her fight to finish the kb’s

  8. We didn’t get to see all of the guy’s wod 3 or the final rounds, but this is what I remember:

    -Suver’s deadlifts in wod 1 – SO fast!
    -Ryan and Sky’s race for rounds in wod 1.
    -Martha’s 215 was AMAZING.
    -All of Johnny’s overheads. Like shock and awe, “How does he do that?!” Emmett was especially impressed after we started equating JW’s lifts as “That one was Daddy plus you plus Leon. And now that one is Daddy plus Mommy.” Awesome.
    -That final woman’s round in wod 3 had so many memorables. Chelle puttin’ the hurt on those jerks and Emily so close behind. But I really was rooting for Rachel -her jerk “sprints” in the 21 round – inspiring!

  9. Martha 215# rack split jerk.

    • That was just a split jerk, she put it up out front and it had some fucking stank on it!

    • Suver taking a nap before the KB wod. Classic.
      Lisa getting to 20 on the 21 KB jerk.
      Lexi hangIng with the ladies. Awesome
      Emily taking 1st
      Chelle rockin the KBs.
      Bobbie getting 8 DLs.
      So proud of everyone.

      So proud of everyone.

  10. Skylar Pond with the “Look Ma, No Hands” squat in the final round. He gets buried in the hole, takes his hands off the bar and stands right up with 315 on his back. He got no repped, but that was the most impressive no rep I have seen. I actually said out loud “did he really just do that?”

    • That Shiz was impressive!
      And so was Z at the same time in Sky’s face yelling “No Rep” hand waving flat across from side to side in universal sign language with an indescribable expression on his face.

      Lexi showed up and gave everything!
      Martha’s 215 overhead = wow
      Michelle, Matty and Jay rockin’ the KB jerk WOD
      Johnny’s overheads and the Capt. America Suit!
      It is hard to choose …..Great Day

      I have to say to everyone who took part.(IMHO)
      The effort ,stamina, will to go on after there is nothing left to give was most impressive, to look at the athletes on an individual level as they go through the gamut of emotion and physical highs and lows…..
      Win loose or Draw, credit and respect to all!

  11. WOD 1:Tie Teague mongoing his Zercher walk pickups (just looked painful)/Sean doing the WOD (and everyother WOD) with no shirt
    WOD 2: Tim getting 300 with like 1 second left.
    WOD 3: Sky’s sonic roar after beating Jordan

  12. WOD 1 – Bobbie hitting 1 RM for set of 7.
    WOD 2 – Jay push pressing 255
    WOD 3 – Matt winning his heat
    WOD 4 – EM going beast mode on the squats.
    WOD 5 – Drinking a PBR watching Sky/Ryan battle the prowler

    Post Comp – Watching Csubi and Nickay arguing about the French/Canadians burning the White House. Don’t worry OCIC will be heading to Victoria soon to return the favor.

    Thanks to everyone who came out and coached, watched and participated. You made it a great event.

  13. Once I saw how hard Emily was moving out of the gate on WOD 1 I knew it was going to be a good day, she impressed the shit out of me on every WOD and I couldn’t be prouder. She’s modest and would never brag, but I’m not and I do, she killed it on Saturday.

    Also very proud of Jamie, not only did she show she is a badass finishing 4th, she also had to watch her kids during the whole event, there is nothing more distracting, fukin impressed.

    Bobbie repping her 1RM x 8 in WOD 1
    Johnny hitting himself in the neck with the barbell on his zercher
    Alli slamming the barbell down like a mountain gorilla after her jerk
    Matty winning his heat in WOD 3
    Michelle whoopin’ ass in WOD 3
    Jay kicking ass in WOD 3 and push pressing 255
    Martha and Rachel’s big jerks

    Thanks to Gogo for the insane amount of work she did to make PHC happen, she did more than I can list, I mean, she made me a PHC beer cozy for fuk sake, the girl has skills.

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