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“Two men Enter…”

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2011 PipeHitters Classic Recap – Sudden Death

In PipeHitters’ second year it would see its second tie. The men had gone blow for blow in the final workout and made it as close as possible. But when the smoke cleared, Jordan Holland had taken the final workout and secured his standing on top of the rankings.

At last year’s Classic, Ryan Andrews and Skylar Pond battled it out under the blistering sun… and this year fate would bring the two friends head to head yet again in a tie for second.

“We don’t do ties…”

The Prowler, for those of you that don’t know, is a demonic weight sled that was loaded with six 45-pound plates for the event. The crowd was instructed to line a path. The workout was as simple as it was sadistic: Push the prowler down and back. Fastest time would win. Skylar, having won two of the day’s workouts, was given the option to go first or second.

Skylar is always Game, Sky wanted to go first.

To the roar of the crowd, it was called: “3, 2, 1, GO!!!”

Skylar hurled himself into the sled with every ounce of power his frame could muster. He drove, pace by painstaking pace, against the pavement. Every time the sled would grind to a halt, Skylar would slam his body back into it like a true marauder. He would cross the line and collapse.

Ryan knew what time he had to beat. And Ryan is a power athlete. Kettlebells might not be his thing, but this former college safety can push a sled… and he drove it down and back with the crowd in his ear the whole time. Ryan took the sudden death and secured second place with Skylar taking third.

With the men’s division now decided, we could announce our women’s champion. Last year’s defending champion Jessica Suver had laid to waste the competition in the last workout. But after Michelle and Emily’s scores were tallied, would it be enough? It turns out there wouldn’t be a repeat champion in either division this year.

Jessica had taken the first workout and the finals, but after a few bad lifts in the overhead event, she would find herself in third place.

It came down to our two women who went into the finals tied in first. A single point would separate them. Michelle had racked up serious points in the 1st and 3rd leg of the finals. But the clean portion of the workout had taken its toll and would give Emily Kent the advantage in the score and the title for this year’s Classic.

With two new champions in place, the day was at it’s end. All athletes could walk tall after their efforts that day, all athletes Game. We would walk away with memories and almost $1000 raised for the Behind the Badge Foundation and Seattle Police Pipes & Drums. For those of you who missed the event in person, here is the video recap of the day:

I want to give a special thanks to my judging staff at this year’s Classic. I also want to thank Mike Ross for allowing me to hold the event at his gym, SODO Crossfit.

…And yes you helped too Ma.

Thanks to all of you for supporting PipeHitters and Old Country, see you all next year.

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