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“See that look in their eyes, Rock…”

Posted in Articles on September 1, 2011 by oldcountrystrong

Here at Old Country we pride ourselves as lifters. Barbells, kettlebells, stones, even our own bodies; we love to pick shit up and move it. The great thing about how we train is there are sport outlets for it as well. Things like PipeHitters, weightlifting meets, kettlebell competitions, and the Crossfit Games competition season give us places to apply our trade.

I’ve spent my far share of time in the fitness business. Hell my first job I handed out flyers for a BIG gym until they let me train. And I did all the traditional type training until I became a resident at a Fire Department. There I started flipping tires, doing stuff in my bunker gear, and carrying heavy stuff. One day I found Crossfit and it would totally change the way I train.

At Old Country, the Iron Club trains a lot of untraditional things. We consider ourselves simple WeightLifters but there is still a base of the Crossfit methodology that I originally fell in love with in our program . Untraditional even compared to Crossfit is a good way to put how we operate.

But as different as our program is to traditional Crossfit. Crossfit itself is still foreign to those who haven’t been exposed to it.

But thats changing and it makes me really happy to see this. Elite level athletes and programs are beginning to take notice of what is going on in little Crossfit gyms spanning the globe . People are becoming fast, explosive, and STRONG.

I could go on about all of this but there is no better example of people taking notice then the video posted below. Some of you that train with have heard me talking about this. This is a much more indepth look as a professional football player embarks down a untraditional road.

Untraditional approaches to training are growing more traditional every day. We may not be traditional Crossfiters but I got roots there and I’m glad to see the program grow more and more everyday.

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