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“Whose car are we gonna’ take…”

Posted in Competition on September 6, 2011 by oldcountrystrong

Every Old Country athlete has something in common. A bond built through hard work with the Iron. And while there are many reason why those who believe in the Old Country ideal do this there is a common concept.


And while not everyone competes on the Iron Club Competition Team we can all support each other.

“I need your help. I can’t tell you what it is, you can never ask me about it later, and we’re gonna hurt some people.”

The answer to the question above is posted in today title. The Old Country Competition Season kicked off July 13th with PipeHitters. We had 7 Old Country athletes reach the finals of that event. Then Ryan Andrews represented The Club at the end of August at the Oregon Games in Bend. He placed 4th out of 60 men finishing just behind top Crossfit Games Regional contenders and beating out former Crossfit Games competitors.

But whats next?
Here’s what we have coming up the next 3 months of competition.


10th: USAW Olympic Weightlifting Meet – 4 Athletes Competing
Location: Crossfit Lynnwood
17th: IKFF Northwest Kettlebell Competition – 10 Athletes Competing
(4 Competing in Ranking Divisions)
Location: The Lab, Crossfit Eastlake


1st: WKC Kettlebell Meet – 2 Athlete Currently attending
Location: Victoria, Canada
15th: SPF NorthWest Iron Wars Power Lifting Meet – TBA
Location: Crossfit Lynnwood


5th: Taranis Winter Challenge – We’re sending a small army
Location: Crossfit Taranis
12th: Mount Rainers Strongest Man – TBA
Location: Crossfit Rainer
19th: IKFF Kettlebell National Championships – Just saying…
Location: Detriot, Michigan

I will be at these events to Coach whoever wants to Compete. I hope some of you can set some time aside to come support the Competition Team as well.

Whose car are we gonna’ take…

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